Odorige tells United Nations: Sanction developed countries banking stolen money from Africa- GCSDN.

How can a respectable leader steal his people into extreme poverty and continue to live happily as if nothing has gone wrong? Fellow Nigerians, I warmly invite you to join the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, GCSDN. The time has come for us to speak with one voice and form a common front. We are not a generation of cowards! To be born into a developing country and to die in that same country as a developing country, is not to have lived- Frederick Odorige.

Simply send us an e-mail with your whatsapp number, place of origin/residence and we could add you to an appropriate chapter in and outside Nigeria: mandelahurights@gmail.com PLEASE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE. INFORMATION IS THE KEY TO ANY REVOLUTION. #RevolutionWithoutAmmunition

Whatever has been stolen from Nigerians by colonialists and politicians must be restored. This is a season of seeking to find. You can now join any chapter of the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria GCSDN. Simply send your whatsapp number, place of birth/residence to us by e-mail: mandelahurights@gmail.com To seek freedom but refuse to act, is to think that God does not answer prayers.

GBAM! Watch Why Nigerians Abroad Are Very Angry Now – GCSDN.

Waiting for the freedom of a country without taking practical actions, is to think that God does not answer prayers! Join the Global Coalition for Security in Nigeria, GCSDN today. We are already in 40 countries and in all states of Nigeria. Send your names, whatsapp number and place of origin/residence to us by email: mandelahurights@gmail.com Nigeria belongs to each and everyone of us. We did not escort anybody to Nigeria. 10,000 must STOP oppressing the 201 million of us. Together, we must rise up as a people, speak with one voice and form a common front without consideration to tribe OR religion. Then, together, we must say NO!! Nigeria is in our hands. Please share and subscribe. Information is the key to any revolution. REVOLUTION WITHOUT AMMUNITION.

Who were the 70 Nigerian Presidential candidates sponsored against us in the 2019 elections? Odorige

The young candidates refused to cooperate in support of a candidate to wrestle power from the old brigade. Today we are worse of as a country than it was 40 years ago because of the political ancestors that have refused to die. Immediately after the results of the sham 2019 Presidential election result was announced, the 70+ Presidential candidates went to sleep. They became silent as if they were paid to be silent. There has been many horrible and terrible events happening in Nigeria in recent months but you have all refused to comment or take decisive actions. Does it mean that you were not patriotic but wanted to be our President? As long as you picked the nomination form to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you forever remain the conscience of our country. Some of you just wanted to bear the title of “former Presidential candidates “ when you had nothing to offer.

Nigeria will die soon unless the Nigeria Labour Congress and the NBA act urgently – Odorige

Nigeria is on the verge of collapse under President Buhari. The monumental and uncontrolled insecurity is set the end the Nigerian state. The National Assembly has passed 676 bills since 1999. The government has spent about 2 trillion on the national assembly since then. On the average, it means that it cost Nigerians 2.9billion naira to pass a bill. Na who bill don help? Your N30k minimum wage of at least 5 workers is what fuel the convoy of a Governor daily. At N30k you can never in your entire life save what a Senator earn in a month. For how long will you continue to be the bamboo that works for the monkey to chop? In the 2019 budget, the Nigerian Senators increased the Nigerian budget by adding N23.7 billion to pay themselves severance or goodbye allowance. And you are watching? They insult our sensibilities after traumatizing us. And Nigeria will borrow to finance her 2019 budget to pay for this rubbish? Nigerian ex-governors and their deputies receive millions of naira monthly, houses, cars for life after looting their respective states. They become state liabilities for life. Is that what you want to allow? And you are waiting for a new set of Governors to be sworn in? You will work 35 years before you receive pension but the Speaker and deputy Speaker of the Kano State House of assembly have just passed a law through which they will receive pension for life after serving for 4 or 8 years. Is that what you will allow?

Pidgin English version: BUHARI MUST GO!! Nigerians say 1st May 2019 na for REVOLUTION WITHOUT AMMUNITION.

We don too suffer for Nigeria despite our natural resources!

E don tey rulers dey take us sweep ground for Nigeria. Our long silence don make am be like say we escort dem come Nigeria. Dem go kill us during elections, enter power, loot us reach the level wey dem wan borrow to pay for national budget now! The hardship wey dey Nigeria today never be like dis before. The killing wey dey Nigeria today don show say cow get value pass human beings. Herdsmen and boko haram dey compete for who sabi kill us pass. From 1st May we all go enter street for protest. No more work….. Everybody come out….no dulling! BUHARI WAKA!!