HELP! See what herdsmen did to our pregnant sister Joy Terna…

It is the story of our sister named JOY TERNA. Some months ago, gun men entered a village known as Gizi in the Tiv speaking area of Nasarawa state. They slaughtered many persons and burnt the village. In the course of that massacre, they met with Joy Terna. She begged the gun men profusely not to kill her. She was four months pregnant. As the gun men were thinking about what to do with her, one of the gun men came from behind and with his sharp cutlass and cut off Joy Terna’s right hand. The hand fell to the ground and started jumping on its own. Then the gun men picked her right hand from the ground and took it away. Joy Terna was left on the ground, bleeding, screaming between life and death. She became unconscious. Somehow, somebody helped her to the hospital when the gun men had left. Miraculously, she survived the bleeding. She later became conscious. Fortunately, she didn’t lose the pregnancy. Some months later, she gave birth to a baby boy. She and the baby now live at the Abegena camp for Internally Displaced Persons at the outskirt of Makurdi. Now she struggles to feed and cater for herself and baby with her left hand. She is now learning to use just one hand. Joy Terna has been on my mind. We are already in touch with her. Somehow, I traced the Journalist who published her story. I asked him to kindly travel to the camp in search of our sister. He did. You will watch the short video of that visit now. I strongly believe that Joy our sister has been praying for a helper.  I, You, all of us are the helpers she has been praying for. Sometimes we think that we don’t have enough, but others are praying to be where we are now. Her case is a case that even a governor’s wife could easily handle. No, there she is, abandoned by man but not rejected by God. We are hereby appealing, deep from our hearts, that you, especially Nigerians living abroad, should partner with us so that we could, together, give joy to Joy Terna again. Nothing is too little. How can we help her? Let us buy a functioning artificial right hand for her. Let us take her away from the camp and rent an apartment for her for five years in Makurdi. Let us rent a shop for her and pay the rent for five years. A mini supermarket. Let us stock the shop. Lastly, let us, together, adopt that child by supporting and training him from today to University level. He is now six months old. The child that refused to die. Let that child become our child. Those are the type of children that God will use to do exploit in Nigeria.  Whatever you are struggling to achive in life has been achieved by many people and many of them have died without taking anything with them to the grave. Ask King Solomon. We must touch lives. As a first step we must take Joy Terna from the camp before Christmas. If you must give a Christmas of New Year gift to somebody this year, please let it be for Joy Terna and her child. We do not want her to spend Christmas in that camp. We already have two persons that will manage her and the resources and supervised by us. If you wish to support this project, please write her name „JOY TERNA” on your bank slip and use any of the two bank accounts here. God bless you richly as you do so.

To support JOY TERNA:

In Europe:

Nelson M46664 emberi jogi egyesület, Raifessen Bank Hungary. IBAN: HU 29 12010855-01546299-00100007    Swift code: UBRT HUHB

In Nigeria: VERA AKIGHIR. UBA Bank. Account number: 203 734 6278

Christians and Pastors are the greatest problems in Nigeria.


We have been afraid to engage the government constructively on issues that concern us as a people. Why are we not coming together to agree on who we must support as the President of Nigeria? Rather, churches and Pastors will criticize and condemn themselves when they are supposed to be the same body of Christ. Who did God reveal to you as our next President? God revealed Saul to Samuel for anointing as King.1 Samuel 9:15-17 Now the LORD had told Samuel in his ear a day before Saul came, saying, To morrow about this time I will send thee a man out of the land of Benjamin, and thou shalt anoint him to be captain over my people Israel, that he may save my people out of the hand of the Philistines: for I have looked upon my people, because their cry is come unto me.

 And when Samuel saw Saul, the LORD said unto him, Behold the man whom I spake to thee of! this same shall reign over my people.” Revelation!  And in 1 Samuel 10:1 Then Samuel took a vial of oil, and poured it upon his head, and kissed him, and said, Is it not because the LORD hath anointed thee to be captain over his inheritance?”

When Saul misbehaved after becoming King, God simply told Samuel in 1 Samuel 16: 1  …How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.

It means that God can fire and hire any King or President but he must first reveal this to the men of God in order for them to know and prepare for the anointing of the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That is the power that we carry. There must be a revelation that gives way to a revolution. What I am doing today on video was by clear revelation.

Samuel annointed David when Saul was still reigning on the throne as king. Can President Buhari of Nigeria be more fearful than king Saul? Zadok the Priest, and Nathan the Prophet anointed Solomon as King in 1 Kings 1:39. Tell me, men and women of God with big churches and branches all over the world, what sayeth the Lord? Who will be the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Has God fired Buhari? Is God set to hire another? If we don’t know the answer, your brother Frederick is saying that it means that we Christians are the problem with our country because God must have spoken. Our eyes must not only see big beautiful churches when our ears have become too small to hear from God! This is not time for guess work and insinuations. God is not a man that He should lie.

The Church is not playing its role in Nigeria. All over the world there are Christian political parties that lend their voices to who and who they should support to lead them. With over 50% of the religion in Nigeria, where is our political party since APC and PDP have failed for the past 20 years? It is not enough to selfishly politicize the Christian Association of Nigeria when you are not properly speaking for Christians. There is a Christian political party in Greece founded in 1953. It is called Christian Democracy. There is Christian Democratic Party (Australia), Christian Democratic Party (United Kingdom),  Christian Heritage Party of Canada, National Restoration Party (Costa Rica), Christian People’s Party (Dominican Republic), Christian Social Party (Switzerland), Christian Values Party (Sweden), Social Christian Party (Ecuador), Social Christian Party (Italy). Listen to this: The Icelandic National Front Party of Iceland aims to defend Iceland’s sovereignty, independence, national culture, language and customs. The party also wishes to introduce a new currency in Iceland that is linked to the United States dollar. I am talking about a church! That is the power of the Church in government. Where is our political party in Nigeria? Where is our voice as Christians when it comes to determining those we must support into government? The government shall be upon His shoulder! The bible says in Proverbs 29:2  When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Today are we not mourning the killing in Nigeria? We are mourning because we did not work together to create the ground for the righteous to be in power. That is why we are the problem…

BEWARE! Nigerian politicians now pay voters with ritual money on election days

Do you know that many Nigerians have died mysteriously because they were paid with ritual money during the elections of Anambra, Ekiti and Osun states? Many more will die in 2019 if they do not take this message seriously. Some persons that received money from vote buyers have died in their sleep and some of them are now walking corpses with heads that do not have functioning brains. Some of them have gone to see the doctor but the problem could not be diagnosed. Some walked into accidents and others lost their destinies. Look for some persons with children that received money from politicians on election day. Some of their children have died since they received that money. Just check your neighbour. This is real. It was ritual money. For those that have no children, their destinies have been arrested. Some youths today are ready to fight with you if you tell them not to support their oppressors because they are under spiritual control. As they spend the politician’s money, it will be very difficult for them to make progress in life because the politicians have caged their destinies. There is no free food in Freetown. Have you not observed that ordinarily, some politicians give money with their left hands? It is part of their rules from their occult world.

If you think that Nigerian politicians will give you money because they want you to be happy for one day, then you are joking.

Not long ago, four University of Port Harcourt students were mysterious killed because politicians need blood for elections. We all know the story of the Badoo boys that operate in the South West of Nigeria. They will smash somebody’s head with a grinding stone, use an handkerchief to touch the blood and that is all. They now sell the handerchief for about 300 to 500,000 naira to politicians who need it for rituals. It is this handkerchief that they use in rubbing the money which they give to you on election day.

Now, during elections, the politicians use under- aged voters especially from the northern parts of Nigerians. These are children they pick from the street. Children who are always hungry and homeless. Children who survive as scavengers. Children who do not have water to take their baths for as much as three months. Some of the children drink from gutter. The politicians made them so and never do anything to change their lives. During election they give them small money and put them in the queue to vote. After the election they abandon the children again on the street till another four years. Some of the children fight themselves for space just to sleep under tables in market places. Some sleep on refuse dumps breathing in the deep smell of human and animal faeces. You could see the children shivering from cold whenever it rains on them. Sadly, politicians also pay these children with ritual money and their lives become worse. Destroyed destinies. Man’s inhumanity to man.

We must not allow the 2019 elections to be about money. It is an election between their evil structures and we the people. It is an election between darkness and the children of light. This election is between the canker worms and the prosperity seekers. Youths, open your eyes and change the election of Nigeria in 2019.

That is why a state governor can steal as much he wants and the legislators cannot talk. That is why a local government chairman can steal as he wants and the Councillors cannot talk because their brains and mouths are inside a bottle.

Please if you are living abroad, before the election, please send pocket money to members of your family. Warn them seriously not to collect any money before or on election day from ritualist politicians. If they collect that money, it is you they will call at the end of the day to send money to treat their spiritual problem.

If you are in Nigeria do not make the mistake of collecting any money from politicians on or before election day. Do not collect any food item or drinks too. They have robbed all those things with their evil sacrifices and the blood of our compatriots. We saw a politician in Oyo state who was distributing pop corn. Pop corn!! Another one was distributing Ijebu garri and women were on the queue waiting for garri or what Ayo Fayose calls stomach infrastructure

Some months ago, gun men entered a village in the Tiv speaking area of  Nasarawa state known as Gizi. They killed many persons and burnt the village. Then they cut off the right hand of a lady named Joy Terna. She was four months pregnant… and the gun men took her right hand away. Joy Terna was left on the ground to bleed. Miraculously, she survived the bleeding, later gave birth and she is now at the Abegena camp for Internally Displaced Persons at the outskirt of Makurdi with her baby. Now she struggles to feed her baby with her left hand, all because our government could not give us security but they secure themselves and their families with our common wealth. These are true life stories.

If you see anybody with money on election day trying to buy votes, just know for yourself that the person is a ritualist. If you hold them and strip them naked, you will see that they are tying some evil objects round their waists. He might even have used the blood of a member of your family or friends for that money. Listen to this: they will never allow their children to touch such monies. Never! They know the evil the money contains. My people, we have suffered enough together as a people. This is the time to speak with one voice. We have many problems in Nigeria today because the blood of innocent Nigerians are crying, screaming from underground seeking justice from Nigerian politicians. If you do not listen to me now, and you collect money from any politician on or before election day, the only thing I can tell you in advance is REST IN PEACE.

As I am speaking now, the stubborn spirit from your village is telling some of you ’’ LEAVE DAT GUY, NA SO HE DEY TALK. NA TODAY WE DEY SEE BLOOD? ALL DEATH NA DEATH NOW. NOR MIND THE GUY; MONEY NA MONEY. S-h-a-r-r-a-p, all money nor be money.

Nigerian youths, I call on you now. You have the power to change the face of politics in Nigeria. We must support only a clean President that shares our values. We must kick out money from our politics today so that we can enjoy long-lasting and secured prosperity. A primary school teacher could be governor even if he does not have money. Stop worshiping money. I challenge you today, let us make sacrifices for country Nigeria. Let those politicians go with their evil money. If you have one or two thousand naira, design leaflets for Sowore and distribute them even if they are on black and white papers. Print Tshirts for yourselves. Do not wait or look for where their offices are or who to mobilize you. Mobilize yourself and be the hero and heroine of a new era Nigeria. Start campaigning by yourselves to yourselves. Tell everybody around you that they should vote for the symbol of Hand. That is Sowore’s party. Don’t worry about your political party. Just vote for Sowore as President.

Do not doubt in your mind my people. Doubt is not the voice of God. Form yourselves into groups, All associations of transport workers, vulcanizers, spare parts dealers, fashion designers, furniture makers, women’s groups, mechanics, market men and women, police officers, soldiers and all other security agencies, lets join hands together and support Omoyele Sowore for President. Lets show other African countries that we can work together and change bad leaders once and for all. Let all of us deliver all our wards and local government areas for Sowore. That must be our main goal. National Association of Nigerian Students and all youth organizations; I challenge you now: join and organize the 2 million March of Sai Bobo in all the 36 states of Nigeria starting from Sowore’s Ondo state. Nigerian musicians, comedians, Nollywood, arise for country and support the wind of change. Sowore said it must no longer be Sai Baba for the old expired  politicians; lets do Sai Bobo where all Nigerian children and youths will have a role to play in deciding their common destinies.

Nigerians in diaspora endorse Omoyele Sowore for President as Sowore floor Atiku, Buhari and others

Fellow Nigerians, arise, the chain is broken. The chain fell from Nelson Mandela after 27 years in prison; the chain fell from Paul and Silas in the prison of the evil king. The chain fell in Zimbabwe in 2017 when Robert Mugabe was booted out of office. In 2017 the chain fell in Gambia when Jammeh Yahaya was disgraced out of office after 22 years of failed leadership. In 2010 the chain fell in Tunisia at the birth of the Arab spring that ended a dictatorship of 23 years. In 1979 Iranians said Nooo through a peaceful revolution and their chains fell. The People Power Revolution of the Philipines broke their chain in 1986. The chain fell when South Africans said Noooo to corruption in 2018 and Jacob Zuma was kicked out of office. Africa is waiting for Nigeria to say NOOOOOO!  Today, the chain of authority stealing and massacre of Nigerians is broken. It is broken and it must remain broken!  20 million permanent voters’ cards are yet to be collected from INEC. If you are tired of the suffering, killing, and oppression in Nigeria, I beg you, I really beg you. Go and collect your voters’ card today and vote for Sowore. Do not give up on Nigeria. A new Nigeria is on the way to glory. Can’t you see the light? Nigerians abroad, please begin to call your families and friends in Nigeria. Tell them that we have seen the brightest star in the sky. Inform them that Omoyele Sowore is the only person they must vote for to be President in 2019. Tell each member of your family or friend to tell ten other persons to vote for Sowore. Tell them to tell each of the ten persons they will tell, to tell another ten persons and on and on. The victory of Sowore will be a victory of the masses. I warn you, some Nigerians that are with us now will be bribed and they will come up to say in the media that they are no longer with us. Do not worry or listen to them. They are agents of the oppressors. We have been neutral until now but there must come a time to decide.  No longer must we be neutral. Get in touch with us if you wish to support this movement in any way.

You will not know how Nigerian politicians are destroying Nigeria until you travel out of Nigeria. As Nigerians living abroad, we have seen the world and we know the truth. When you see how countries that have no natural resources are developing steadily, you start to wonder what is happening to our country Nigeria. In 2020 China will be using artificial moon to replace street light and we are still there struggling with electricity. Sowore has promised us that he will resign if he cannot give Nigerians steady and cheap electricity before four years in office. We cannot continue to borrow money from countries who depend on our raw materials for growth.

Go, my people! Print your T-shirt, Sowore for President.  Let it flow. Go print our T-shirts also. Simply print hashtage NO! Print Nooo on your walls, print it on stickers and leaflets, paint NO!! on your vehicles.  Any time you see Nigerian politicians in any public or private gathering, just shout Nooo. Keep shouting Nooo. Don’t stop shouting Nooo. That is how we shall kill the evil spirit, wickedness and greed that most of them carry about. We refuse to live in this hardship in our country. This error must be corrected once and for all. As you collect your voters’ cards to vote for Omoleye Sowore of AAC as the next Nigerian President come 2019, it shall be our way of  saying NO to vote buying; we will be saying NO to insecurity; No to disenfranchisement; No to corruption; No to rigging; No to bogus salaries for state, federal legislators and the executives; No to the murderous herdsmen; No to political godfatherism and the evil political ancestors who have refused to die; No to Boko haram and their sponsors; No to unsteady electricity supply; No to inadequate health care facilities; No to politicians who travel abroad for health care while our people die at home; No to delay in the payment of salaries and pensions; No to budget padding; No to injustice and the detention of Nigerians without trial; No to those that continue to undermine our voices and rights as a people; No to recycled leaders; No to indiscriminate allocation of oil blocs; No to marginalization and the continuing environmental degradation in Niger Delta; No to inflated and abandoned projects; No to selective anti-corruption fight; No to V.I.P. treatment to some Nigerians in prison; No to life pension for former Governors and former Presidents; No to some religious leaders that have lied and led us astray; No to state electoral commissions inaugurated and manipulated by Governors; We are set to say No and Nooo to whatever has held us down as a people. We reclaim our common wealth. We reclaim our country Nigeria. Enough is enough. Welcome President Omoyele Sowore, Grand Commander of the Federal Republic come 2019. Nigeria is free at last! Sai, Sai, Sai bobo!!!!

TAKE NIGERIA BACK! Halleluyaaaaa!                                                                                         




How to vote on November 1st

HELLO EVERYONE! This is how to vote today 1st November 2018 to get our preferred Nigerian President.
1. Make sure you have subscribed to our video channel Nelson M46664. Just click on the SUBSCRIBE button under any of the videos.
2. By 5pm Nigerian time (please calculate according to your place of residence) we shall be LIVE on youtube.
3. In the COMMENT SECTION simply TYPE and enter the name of your preferred candidate. That is all you need to do! In order to increase the chances of your candidate, use the remaing time to invite others to participate in this election.
4. We shall have a panel of 4 respected Nigerians known as TIDEO (Truly Independent Diaspora Electoral Officers). They will be supported by two members of the international community as observers. That makes them 6 in number.
4. At the end of 90 minutes they will go offline to collate the result and filter away those that voted more than once.
5. TIDEO will come online again and announce the result after 30minutes. The system allow viewers to freely watch and check the voting pattern as much as they want because you can always replay. It is 100% transparent.
6. The winner will immediately be contacted to send us a short video clip to accept the result. He will be invited to Budapest Hungary on Saturday 24 November to symbolically receive the key to Aso Rock in a widely publicised ceremony.
7. Friday 2nd November 2018: The Global Coordinator Frederick Odorige will make a speech based on the result of the election. The video clip sent by the winner will be added at the end of Frederick’s speech.
8. Thereafter, all avenues will be exploited to FULLY support our candidate towards resuming duty as the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, GCFR. A new Nigeria is coming! Have confidence in the victory that is ahead.
**With God all things are possible!!

Nigerians abroad to vote for a Presidential candidate on November 1st


1. Has no godfather or investor behind him or her 2. Must tell us his/her source of income and prepare to declare his/her assets. 3. Must promise that he/she will re-structure Nigeria 4. Must promise to fight corruption from the Babaginda years till date. This will include a continuous publication of recovered loot, the looter and how the recovered loot is re-channeled into the economy. 5. Give Nigerians stable supply of electricity within 3 years. 6. Must promise to review the salaries and emolument of federal legislators and executives in accordance with the law of Nigeria. 7. Must scrap the Senate and preserve only the House of Representatives. 8. Must not have held more than one political office. We must do away with re-cycled office holders. 9. Must promise to ban health tourism abroad 10. Must promise to ban education abroad for the children of serving public office holders. 11. Declare all armed groups as terrorist groups (e.g Herdsmen) and unban IPOB as a terrorist group. IPOB is not a terrorist group but we do not support that Nigeria should break.


1. Just click on the SUBSCRIBE button which is under the video you are watching now. That registers you for the election.

2. Election will commence live on this channel ON 1ST NOVEMBER 2018 exactly 5 P.M IN NIGERIA; 6 PM EUROPEAN TIME; 4 P.M IN THE UNITED KINGDOM; 12 NOON IN WASHINGTON U.S.A; 12 NOON OTTAWA CANADA; 2 P.M CANBERRA AUSTRALIA. THE ELECTION WILL LAST FOR EXACTLY 90 minutes which is one and half hours. NO EXTRA TIME; NO AFRICAN TIME! Results to be announced immediately


1 Moses Shipi, All Blending Party (ABP)
2 Samuel Eke, Green Party of Nigeria (GPN)
3 Donald Duke, Social Democratic Party (SDP)
4 Mark Emmanuel, United Patriots (UP)
5 Hamisu Santuraki, Mega Party of Nigeria (MPN)
6 Moses Ajibiowu, National Unity Party (NUP)
7 Nwokeafor Ikechukwu, Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD)
8 Aliyu Ibrahim, African People Alliance (APA)
9 Atiku Abubakar, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
10 Kingsley Moghalu, Young Progressives Party (YPP)
11 Ilongwo John, Democratic Peoples Party (DPP)
12 Obiageli Ezekwesili, Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)
13 Yunusa Tanko, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)
14 Ike keke, New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP)
15 Chris Okotie, Fresh Democratic Party (FDP)
16 Yusufu Obaje, Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party (ANDP)
17 Ize-Iyamu David, Better Nigeria Peoples Party (BNPP)
18 Samuel Fagbbenr-Byron, KOWA Party
19 Rabia Hassan, National Action Council (NAC)
20 Nnamdi Madu, Independent Democrats (ID)
21 Tope Fasua, Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
22 Obinna Ikeagwuonu, African People’s Party (APP)
23 Isaac Ositelu, Accord Party
24 Frank Ukonga, Democratic Alternative (DA)
25 Shitu Kabir, Advance Peoples Democratic Party (APDP)
26 Usman Muhammed, Labour Party (LP)
27 Muhammadu Buhari, All Progressives Congress (APC)
28 Hamza Al-Mustapha, Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)
29 Obadiah Mailafia, African Democratic Congress (ADC)
30 Asukwuo Archibong, Nigeria for Democracy (ND)
31 Chuks Nwachuku, All Grassroots Alliance (AGA)
32 Mercy Adesanya-Davies, Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA)
33 Yusuf Yabaji, Action Democratic Party (ADP)
34 Nsehe Nseobong, Restoration Party of Nigeria (RPN)
35 Chukwudi Osuala, Rebuild Nigeria Party (RNP)
36 John Wilson Gbor, All Progresssive Grand Alliance (APGA)
37 Usman Ibrahim, National Rescue Movement (NRM)
38 Sunday Eguzolugo, Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)
39 Chike Ukaegbu, Advanced Allied Party (AAP)
40 Omoyele Sowore, Africa Action Congress (AAC)
41 Umenwa Godwin, All Grand Alliance Party (AGAP)
42 Isiaka Balogun, United Democratic Party (UDP)
43 Lewis Abah, Change Advocacy Party (CAP)
44 Babatunde Ademola, Nigeria Community Movement Party (NCMP)
45 Ahmed Buhari, Sustainable National Party (SNP)
46 John Dara, Alliance of Social Democrats (ASD)
47 Kriz David, Liberation Movement (LM)
48 Isah Bashayi, Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)
49 Emmanuel Etim, Change Nigeria (CN)
50 Habib Mohammed, United Democratic Party (UDP)
51 Fela Durotoye, Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)
52 Angela Johnson, Alliance for a United Nigeria (AUN)
53 John Onwubuya, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)
54 Mashood Shittu, Alternative Party of Nigeria (APN)
55 Yusuf Dantale, Allied Peoples Movement (APM)
56 Ahmed Inuwa, United Party of Nigeria (UPN)
57 Geff Ojinika, Coalition For Change (CFC)

58 Robinson Akpua, National Democratic Liberty Party (NDLP)

59 Victor Okhai, Providence Peoples Congress (PPC)

60 Israel Nonyerem David, Reform and Advancement Party (RAP)

61. Nicolas Felix, Peoples Coalition Party (PCP)

General Presidential election in Nigeria: Saturday16 February 2019


Nigerians in Diaspora take the battle to the European Union headquarter. Place travel ban on Nigerian Senators – Frederick Odorige


                                                                                      ….living right.

Mr Donald Tusk

President of the European Council.                                                           1st October 2018


Ms Federica Mogherini

High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

European Union Headquarter, Brussels Belgium.

Your Excellency,

                                The European Union must not wait for Nigeria to implode!

We are writing to you today as a body of deeply aggrieved Nigerians in diaspora. We travelled from various countries in Europe and physically came to your office to deliver this letter.

The role that the European Union has played towards enhancing the development of Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized. There is no gain stating the fact that Nigeria is one of the most endowed country in the world in terms of natural resources. Sadly, the international community has not done enough to assist in finding answers to the question of why we have become the poverty capital of the world and the 10th least secured country in Africa.

Though we are aware that we, Nigerians have greater roles to play towards the development of our country, it is pertinent to write to you owing to the fact that the world has become a global space. This is further connected to the fact that the insecurity of Nigeria will, undoubtedly, translate into the insecurity of her neighbouring countries and the international market.

The seeming silence by the European Union and other international bodies to the various political, economic and security issues in Nigeria calls for grave concern. The world must not wait for Nigeria to implode.

  1. Over 2,000 Nigerians have been killed since January 2018. We know that this report by Amnesty International is an under-estimation.
  1. It took Switzerland 20 years of litigation and foot-dragging before they reluctantly repatriated the 1.4 billion dollars stolen by the late Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha which was hidden in Swiss banks. Report shows that around One trillion euro is stolen annually by African leaders and their accomplices. Such illicit funds are mostly hidden in European and American banks. Most of the financial aids given to developing countries are further stolen because the donors do not tie specific projects to the funds.
  2. Today Nigerian Senators earn far more than any European President because the Senators ingeniously appropriate emoluments and earnings to themselves against national and international laws. This is in transgression of paragraph 2 of article 8 of the UN Convention against corruption, which forbids Public officers from engaging in self dealing with emoluments that are unacceptable under international law. Nigeria is a signatory to that convention. Kindly recall that in its Resolution on Aid Effectiveness and Corruption in Developing Countries, adopted in 2006, the European Parliament called on the European Commission to design mechanisms for accountability and transparency. We are yet to feel the impact of this mechanism in EU supports to Nigeria. The EU has donated various sums of money to develop our infrastructures but what Nigerian Senators earn within the four years of their tenures is enough to build 18 hospitals in each of the 36 states of Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari has spent at least 107 days in hospitals located in the United Kingdom from national treasury without accounting to Nigerians, the financial cost of his medical expenses sponsored from the national treasury. Our President is purportedly fighting corruption! Our current pathetic rating by Transparency International in terms of corruption is an undeniable pointer. The desperation by many Nigerians to escape from the harsh economic situation has led to risky journeys through the Mediterranean We refuse to continue like this.
  1. The EU, UK, US and other bodies observed our elections and they have categorically condemned the procedures and outcomes – especially the recent Osun state elections where security agencies where mandated to shoot sporadically to scare away voters from exercising their rights to vote. That is institutionalized terrorism. Though strong statements were made against the elections by the observers, it must be followed with stricter sanctions. The EU cannot continue to support a country that violently disenfranchises her citizens, demeans democratic standards and exercises poor respect for the rule of law.

In the light of the above, our association, in conjunction with the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, wish to humbly recommend as follows.

  1. Nigeria need urgent help in terms of security. Joint and practical EU efforts could put an end to the many slaughters by militias disguised as the so-called herdsmen. There is an orchestrated genocide going on in Nigeria especially around the middle belt of the country. The world kept quiet for too long when similar genocide began in Rwanda in 1994. Recall that the late UN Secretary General Kofi Annan verbally regretted that the UN did not act timeously and appropriately. An estimate of 800,000 persons died in that massacre. The international community must not wait for Nigeria to get to that stage before taking quick actions. If the calamity is allowed to continue, it will be a global challenge with consequences and huge humanitarian implications on all the countries that are neighbours to Nigeria and beyond. It will be cheaper and safer to act now than to act later.
  2. The murderous militias/herdsmen should be declared as a terrorist group by the European Union. President Buhari has said that they are trained foreign militias loyal to the late Muammar Gaddafi. How else can we describe a group that consistently slaughter Nigerians, burn their houses and forcefully occupy their land? The European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism (Strasbourg, January 1977) and the OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism, 1999 categorizes the deadly actions of the herdsmen as terrorism.
  1. That the EU and other countries must design definite and concrete laws against accepting and banking stolen funds from Nigeria.
  2. That the EU should seriously consider and adopt mechanisms that will place travel bans on some Nigerian politicians especially Nigerian Senators and their families since they continue to blatantly break the laws which they swore to protect.
  3. All financial aids to Nigeria must be critically reviewed and where applicable, stopped. Your projects in Nigeria must be executed under your direct supervision. We receive financial assistance; we borrow; we receive astonishing revenue and we have unmatched natural resources. Sadly and ironically, we have suddenly become the poverty capital of the world as recently reported. It is sickening to know that six Nigerians now slide into the poverty index every minute. We are deeply pained. Our country could do better with your cooperation.

We know that much lies in the hands of Nigerians to address some of the issues, but it is sad to note that, like other African countries, our people have been silenced by fear due to the intimidating use of security agencies and the artificial hunger caused by governance.

We trust in your capacity to act. The contents of this letter is verifiable. It is not a baseless petition. Nigeria desperately need help. A stitch in time saves nine.

Yours Sincerely,

Frederick Omoyoma Odorige

President of the Association and

Global Coordinator of the European Coalition

for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, ECSDN.