Unpatriotic Nigerians are already campaigning for 2023

We are currently experiencing uncommon hardship and insecurity yet some people that are supposed to be making input towards national reconstruction are silent when innocent Nigerians are being killed. Yet they want to be President in 2023!

Meanwhile, the UN has projected that Nigeria will remain the poverty capital of the world beyond 2050! In addition, unemployment will increase to 33.5% in 2020.

Many Nigerians do not seem to understand what is coming.

We must put our hands together and build Nigeria or be silent.

Nigerian Diaspora GCSDN reject RUGA; it is an agenda towards genocide.

The problems of Nigeria are not from the North, South, East or West. They are not from our differences in tribe, religion, culture or social orientations. The problems are from the 201million Nigerians that have been and continue to tolerate, enduring and silent to the gross misrule by the less than 10,000 persons to whom we entrusted our commonwealth.

Our long silence as a people to those that continue to disrespect and disregard our constitution where it is clearly stated that the primary purpose of government shall be the security and welfare of the people.