President ‘Jubril’ MUST debate with Omoyele Sowore


Fellow Nigerians, we do not dwell on propaganda. Since the rumour that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is cloned Sudanese Jubril, I have dispelled that rumour based on some grounds. I have also deliberately refused to respond to the many messages I have received to make a statement on this.

However, due to current developments in our country Nigeria and after due consultation with our coordinators around the world, I Frederick Omoyoma Odorige, Global coordinator of the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, ECSDN hereby make the following statements :

1.Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress AAC is our endorsed candidate for the Presidency of Nigeria come 2019. This is as a result of the fact that, amongst other Presidential candidates,  he won our online elections on November 1st 2018.

2.Omoyele Sowore was deliberately excluded from the Presidential debate of 19 January 2019 organized by the Nigerian Election Debate Group and the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria, because they know that he represents the dream and hope of a new progressive Nigeria. They know that he is both the voice of truth and the voice of the Nigerian youths and students. They know that with Sowore as President, the cabals will lose the battle of keeping Nigerians in perpetual bondage.

3.Information reaching us is that President Muhammadu Buhari will not be available for the Presidential debate of January 19, 2019. According to information, his handlers have cleverly and insidiously booked an appointment with Buhari and his doctors in the United Kingdom for medical checkup in order to escape from the debate. It is no longer news that Buhari has no confidence in Nigerian medical doctors and hospitals; hospitals he has deliberately refused to develop. Only a healthy President can guarantee a healthy nation.

4.We cannot forget that during the election campaign of the 2015 Presidential elections, Muhammadu Buhari categorically told Nigerians that his government will not allow politicians to travel abroad for medical treatments. Till date, Buhari who is ridiculously referred to as Mr Integrity by his boot lickers, has spent at least 117 days in the United Kingdom for medical treatment. Lies, lies, lies in government with so much insincerity of purpose. On the other hand, Buhari, who is purportedly fighting corruption has arrogantly refused to disclose to Nigerians how much his continuing medical treatment has cost our country. It is our money. He moves with a huge entourage with the Presidential jet parked daily at huge financial cost. A President that is not accountable cannot be trusted.  We are not interested in the name of his illness since he choses not to disclose it, but we are interested in our money- our collective wealth. The man that does not honour his word with honesty has no integrity.  Buhari’s four years in office is 1460 days. He has spent 117 days in the UK for medical treatments. It means that 12.4% of his days in office was spent in living and paying tax and medical bills to the government of the United Kingdom. That was how former President Olusegun Obasanjo was busy travelling round the world and he came out to say that his Vice Abubakar Atiku looted Nigeria dry when he was mostly abroad. Obasanjo wrote that what Atiku stole from Nigerians could feed 300 million Nigerians for 400 years! Seriously!

5.Now the World bank has predicted that in 2021 Nigeria will become the country in the world with the highest number of children who die before the age of five. Why? Lack of medical care and facilities. Nigerians spend more than 1 billion dollars annually for medical treatments abroad; an amount higher than what was budgeted for  the health sector in 2018. Nigerian children have died and continue to die in the hands of their mothers because they had no money to buy medicine for malaria. Yet Buhari borrowed 300m dollars to fight malaria in Nigeria. Nigerians are crushed to death on our highways or die gradually because there are no emergency and available health facilities but you take our money to treat yourself abroad. APC and PDP are the same and they can never, never, take us anywhere as a people. The same pattern has been going on since 1999. Children have free medical treatments abroad till the age of 18. Ambulance could respond by helicopter when the need arises; pensioners enjoy free medical health care; free emergency telephone numbers can call a doctor to your home… Who says this is not possible in Nigeria.? NO!! Nigeria must not continue like this with the same set of politicians after 58 years. No!!

See how God blessed us as a people. Abundant natural resources; Beautiful people with adequate strength, knowledge, resilience and determination; yet conditions are hopelessly getting worse everyday. Is governance a joke? Is governance a business just to yield private interest? Fellow Nigerians, we have endured long enough. Now the world thinks that we are naturally stupid as we keep repeating the same mistake of voting the same set of unproductive leaders. No!! We must decide once and for all in 2019. The Broadcating organization of Nigeria must learn to be sincere when organizing debates. You cannot be excluding popular candidates like Sowore from debates and you invite candidates that pay you but arrogantly refuse to show up because they lack the confidence to make convincing or sensible statements.

6.In the light of the above, we wish to demand that Omoyele Sowore the Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress must be included in the debate program. Any action contrary to this is discriminatory and anathema to the rule of law and fundamental human rights.  President Muhammadu Buhari must physically appear for debate in Abuja on 19 January 2019. We wish to use the opportunity of the debate to physically assess if he is truly the Buhari we know or whether he is the purportedly cloned Jubril of Sudan as widely proclaimed. The rumour has been going on in Nigeria that Buhari was cloned but, surprisingly, Buhari traveled to Poland to defend himself of this allegation. You must defend yourself in Nigeria. We want to see you. You are a public servant of the Federaal Republic of Nigeria. You are accountable to all Nigerians.

7.For seeking to be re-elected into office as the President of Nigeria, Buhari is seeking employment from us. Nigerian voters are the employers. We refuse to employ somebody we cannot interview. No reasonable employer will accept that. Nigerians are not as stupid as our politicians want us to be. We have been making the mistake of employing the wrong persons since 1999 and we can no longer continue making that huge mistake that has brought our country to his knees.

8.If President Buhari refuses to physically appear for the debate and deliberately escapes to the United Kingdom in the name of treatment, then we shall have cause to believe that he is truly Jubril of Sudan. If Buhari does not attend the debate, but he is within Nigeria or in any part of the world, it also means that he is truly Jubril. In that case, all Nigerians must finally decide to vote for Omoyele Sowore of AAC, a true Nigerian paternally and maternally. If Buhari escapes to the UK in order to escape the debate, we will not end there. Our coalition shall move to London to wait for Jubril.

9.Therefore, as the Global coordinator of the ECSDN, I am using this opportunity to respectfully call on all members of the ECSDN United Kingdom chapter, and indeed, all well-meaning Nigerians and supporters of good governance globally, to kindly converge at the entrance of Abuja House in London on the 20th of January 2019 for a protest titled THIS JUBRIL MUST DEBATE. THIS JUBRIL MUST DEBATE. THIS JUBRIL MUST DEBATE.

Nigerians abroad ask Sowore, Ezekwesili, Durotoye and Moghalu to step down for one person


It is very interesting but senseless that Nigeria now has 91 political parties. We now have 74 so-called Presidential candidates. I intentionally used the word so-called because of those candidates just want to be known in the future as FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!

With the Presidential elections to be held on February 16, it is even more interesting that only five of the Presidential candidates are currently campaigning. Does it mean that the other 68 just came to divert our attentions and waste our time?

Foremost among the five candidates that are campaigning is Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress AAC. He has strength, stamina and vision. Though he is gathering momentum, his supporters are screaming that they wish to see his posters in all towns and villages in Nigeria. They also wish that his running mate is equally campaigning vigorously in the North.  But are the youths prepared to support the youths or they are just lazy as quoted by Muhammadu Buhari?

The second person that is campaigning and making comments on National issues is Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party. Unlike Sowore’s new party, Atiku has much money to spend. This could be informed by what Olusegun Obasanjo wrote about Atiku.  According to Obasanjo, he recorded that what Atiku stole under him as Vice President is enough to feed 300 million Nigerians for 400 years. Another Presidential candidate that is campaigning is Muhammadu Buhari supported by his other government officials who are desperate to retain their political appointments. When Buhari opened his mouth to speak at their campaign flag off at Uyo, he lacked the eloquence to address and convince the 200 million Nigerians who are in dire need of good governance in a country beclouded in abject poverty and insecurity. You may begin to wonder where the money came from when  a member of the House of Representatives Umar Bago from Niger state donated 110 vehicles to support Buhari’s campaign. Even Nuhu Ribadu’s  the former EFCC boss donated 40 vehicles for Buhari’s campaign. We hope that there will equally be a probe on the campaign expenses of APC and PDP by EFCC as it was done after the 2015 elections. Where these monies coming from int he poverty capital of the world?

New comers like the respectable Kingsley Moghalu and Obiageli Ezekwesili of the Young Progressive Party, YPP   and Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)  respectively, and Fela Durotoye Alliance for New Nigeria ANN, are also campaigning.  We advised in a previous video that the youths or new generation politicians cannot win the Presidency of Nigeria unless they step down for one person and pool their resources together. Now that the events of the campaign are unfolding, it is clear that ego has not allowed them to work together. Even the 69 that do not have the capacity to campaign have refused to step down.  They seem to have this mentality that if it is not me, I will not support any other candidate. When people are contesting elections of this magnitude, Nigerian praise singers begin to address you as „Your Excellency”. This is what is getting into the heads of the 68 persons. They are already under the illusion that they are in Aso Rock. The worse thing is that, since they refused to align with other young promising candidates,  they are dangerously ruining their future political careers without knowing it. Posterity will not forgive them because whenever their names are mentioned, they will be judged as those that truncated the hope of a new Nigeria.  Many of the 68 did not even go as far as having running mates or campaign offices.

Some of them are suspected to have been sponsored by professional politicians as spoilers to scatter the votes of young candidates. Their sponsors, the professional politicians, have no business order than stealing public money. Politics is their stock in trade.

If you see any of the 68 jumping to align with APC or PDP close to the election, you must quickly understand that they are the spoilers we are talking about.  Just watch. They will surrender their  conscience to their self-seeking sponsors. They will surely betray the youths. Even the Youths are not helping themselves. They are very confused, running after money. They will begin to regret afresh if they cannot cooperate to support one of the young generation candidates.

We at the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria have a message for Sowore, Moghalu, Durotoye and Ezekewsili. You all know that we are supporting Sowore because he won our online election held in 1st November 2018.  There are 128,000 polling stations across Nigeria in the Presidential elections. We wish to respectfully ask that if you know in your heart of hearts, that you do not have the capacity to have two party agents in the 128,000 polling booths, that is 256,000 party agents, we ask that you step down and work with the candidate from amongst you that can afford it. If you do not have agents in all stations, be rest assured that those are the places that the massive rigging will take place. Please consider this advise deeply instead of wasting your time and resources because the time is short. We ask you to consider this with all sense of humility. Four of you would need to meet. We cannot afford another four years in the hands of APC and PDP.

Nigeria has lost everything since PDP and APC took over the leadership of our country since 1999. If Nigeria is your private company, will you agree to renew the contract of your unproductive workers for another four years of loss after the disappointment and colossal loss of 20 years? After ruining your company and forcing you to borrow all over the world? We are not hiding the fact that APC and PDP have failed Nigeria and they cannot take us any where today or tomorrow. We must not deceive ourselves. Both parties are the same and they have an indwelling ideology of failure and lootocracy. The time is running out for the 68 to do the needful or go down in history as selfish and unpatriotic. The clock is ticking. Democracy in Nigeria is about to be molested and tortured again in our very before.

Great countries of today were built from the visions of their great leaders who put love for country above love for fame and stomach infrastructure. Men and women who selflessly sacrificed their mental and psychological will by surrendering to country so that generations after them will live happier than they did. It is the power of such visions which men like Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan mustered, many years after Nigeria’s independence, that began a journey that turned the United Arab Emirates from a desert into a destination and a cynosure of all eyes. They gave their all and developed into a global hub for tourism, retail, and finance, home to the world’s tallest building, and largest man-made seaport. They built structures on the power of their visions and they attracted the stolen wealth from politicians, business persons, tourists and those that sought good health from countries like Nigeria. Nigerians who are too weak to make their country great. Today, the UAE suck and continue to suck the resources of countries like Nigeria whose leaders lack the vision and the nitty-gritty of governance to make their people happy.

Today, Nigeria our country boasts of villains not heroes. We boast of men and women who sacrifice the blood of their compatriots to get power that fades away shortly; while the heroes who made their countries great continue to rest in perpetual peace, celebrated many years after they have gone. 

Never shall we see the Nigeria of our dream within our life span or the life span of future generations until we realize that the power to be great does not lie in our physical strength or in coveting our common wealth or in seeking selfish power, but in distributing the wealth and building a society that works for all; it is in cooperating with, and supporting our political rivals and candidates with visions and dogged determination to run for offices. In so doing, we jointly work together in view of nation building for the sake of posterity. Greatness will not come when we all aspire to be Presidents of our country despite the glaring challenges. We must refuse to be obstacles to progress so that together, we could build a society where our today is better than our yesterdays and our tomorrows far better than our today. Our desire for power must not be a litmus test for strength or the unprofitable quest for fame and  unbridled desperation. Both the leaders and the followers have equal roles to play in nation building. That is how heroes are made. You could be an hero either as an excellent follower or an exceptional leader. The ball is in your court of the 68 and the Nigerian youths!




Nigerian soldiers and Police officers must stop behaving like zombies.


You are supposed to be nation builders, not destroyers. That is why we need a President in 2019 that will improve our welfare and general security. The APC and PDP politicians you have been working for have failed us. Can’t you see? Why must you escort a politician and his thugs to scatter a primary election and you drive away with the politician? The last bribe you received to disrupt or rig an election has finished. Has it improved your life? Has it given you stable electricity, water, good roads and general welfare? Many widows are living in the police and army barracks because the system you are protecting allowed their husbands to be killed in the course of duty. It usually takes a very long time to pay compensations and gratuity to such families, but you keep protecting the same evil politicians that have no regard for you. Na who do una like dat sef? When we see the deplorable state of our police and army barracks, it saddens our hearts. You cannot compare your standard of life with police officers in developed countries because the officers here will never do anything to rig elections or shoot to intimidate voters because they know that it is uncivilized to do so. They also appreciate that the voting will impact on the standard of their lives. When elections are going on in developed countries, you will not even know that elections are going on. That is what we call civilization and that is the level we wish our country to attain. We that are living abroad are very angry about what is going on in our country.

Look at our Senators that you are escorting for example. Each Nigerian Senator mischieviously earn more than the American President. They earn more than any European President. The monthly salary of a Nigerian Senator is more than the salary of 612 PRIVATE in the Nigerian army because a PRIVATE earns 49,000 naira. The salary of a Nigerian army General is 1.5 million naira monthly. A Senators’ monthly income can pay the salary of 20 army generals in a month. A Police Constable on grade level 3 receives a little above 43,000 naira. It means that a Senator’s salary can pay 697 Police Constables. The Inspector General of Police earns 711, 498 naira. It means that a Senator’s monthly income of 30,000million naira can pay 42 Inspector Generals. In order words, the monthly income of one Nigerian senator can pay one Inspector General of Police for almost four years. Now you see why the Senators don’t respect your Oga! These are illegal income appropriated by the Senators for themselves. Instead of addressing those serious issues, you are busy shooting to scare Nigerians from changing the system with their votes. You are busy forcing Nigerians to do frog jump; you are busy obstructing the protest of the Nigerian Labour Congress who are fighting for all of us so that minimum wage could be increased. For how long will you continue to protect your oppressors while you oppress your friends?! That is why we are saying that Nigerians must be ready to scrap the Nigerian Senate in the 2019 election. If they give you ballot paper to vote for a Senator, simply thumb print in many places so that the vote will be invalid. Without valid votes there will be no results. This is revolution without ammunitions.

Nigerian soldiers and police: you are not zombies. You are the conscience of our country. You carry the badge of our security. You are the standard bearers we ought to be proud of. You are part of our national image and heritage. You are authority bearers.  Give Nigerians the opportunity to honour you because you are our risk takers. Our security officers must say NO to vote buying;  NO to insecurity; No to disenfranchisement; No to godfatherism; No to corruption; No to rigging; No to disenfrachisement and intimidation of Nigerians during elections. We win, you win. Are we asking for too much?

Nigerians abroad reject Amina Zakari and the plot by INEC

It was with great shock that we received the news that the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Mahmood Yakubu has appointed Amina Zakari a relative of a Presidential candidate and current President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari to be the Head of the committee for the collation of the Presidential election results of 2019.

This reckless appointment goes further to show the disrespect that government officers have for the majority of Nigerians. If common sense informs Yakubu that Buhari’s relative is the best person to supervise her uncle’s election, we stand here to say, without reservation, that our collective and superior common sense entirely rejects this thoughtless and very provocative appointment devoid of any sense of morality. Muhammadu Buhari’s elder sister was married to the father of Amina Zakari the late Emir of Kazaura Tanko Yakassai. Though Amina has denied blood relationship with Buhari but the fact that Buhari grew up in the family home of Amina’s father is enough to disqualify her from supervising Buhari’s election. Her appointment is tantamount to match fixing. She cannot be a referee in this game.

Though Amina has denied blood relationship with Buhari but the fact that Buhari grew up in the family home of Amina’s father is enough to disqualify her from supervising Buhari’s election. Her appointment is tantamount to match fixing. She cannot be a referee in this game.

Fellow Nigerians, this is what you get when you continue to keep silent to the glaring misrule that has kept our country where it is today. No country in Africa will accept this insult on our collective dignity as a people. Yakubu has promised a free and fair election in 2019. If this is one of the pointers to a free and fair election, then Yakubu has questions to answer. If this is the election that our country has budgeted billions of naira for, then it is both a waste of time and resources.

We hereby call on all well-meaning Nigerians to rise up, resist  and reject the insidious appointment of Amina. We also call on the international community to take a decisive step against this obnoxious action since they equally support the election financially. Amina’s younger brother Engineer Adamu is the current Minister of Water Resources. Their elder sister is a Commissioner in Jigawa state. Nigeria is not a family farm.  If such an appointment could be publicly announced, it means that more actions have been perfected underground to criminally compromise the 2019 elections.

Nigerians in diaspora under the platform of the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria reject Amina as Chairperson for the collation of her Buhari’s election results. She must be quickly replaced without delay.

We hereby advise the INEC Chairman to avoid any behaviour, utterances and actions that will bring shame to him and rubbish his professional career. A word is enough for the wise. A stitch in time saves nine.

BEWARE! Nigerian politicians paying with ritual money

Fellow Nigerians, do you know that many Nigerians have died because they were paid with ritual money during the elections of Anambra, Ekiti, Osun states? Many more more will die if they do not take this message seriously. Some persons that received money from vote buyers have died in their sleep and some of them are now walking corpses with heads that do not have functioning brains. Some of them have gone to see the doctor but the problem could not be diagnosed. Some walked into accidents and others lost their destinies. Look for some persons with children that received money from politicians on election day. Some of their children have died since they received that money. It was ritual money. For those that have no children, their destinies have been arrested. Some youths today are ready to fight with you if you tell them not to support their oppressors because they are under spiritual control. As they spend the politicians money, it will be very difficult for them to make progress in life because the politicians have caged their stars. There is no free food in Freetown. Have you not observed that ordinarily, some politicians give money with their left hands? It is part of their rules from their occult world.

If you think that Nigerian politicians will give you money because they want you to be happy for one day, then you are joking. Political godfather and godson or god daughter swear spiritual oaths in a shrine. They have an agreement. They need to remain loyal even when the godfather is a greedy idiot. That is why you see that some local government areas and states will never develop because they use your money to pay the godfathers based on spiritual. Have you observed that in some PDP and APC states, no matter how much you have looted, the party will still make you the leader of their political party? Why? Ritual agreement.

Politicians will never use their children as thugs or any other dirty political business because they value their children more than you the youths that they use as thugs.  Why? Because, as we say in pidgin English, „ Na another man pikin na im fit craze”


Why do you see that a state Governor can control all the legislators in their House of assembly? Why do you see that a local government Chairman can control all the Councilors? Why do you see that a so-called godfather can control Senators or Governors? With the ritual of the blood of Nigerians, they put the name and pictures of their subjects into a bottle and they close the bottle. They speak to the bottle to control their victims. Ritual. That is why a state governor can steal as much he wants and the legislators cannot talk. That is why a local government chairman can steal as he wants and the Councillors cannot talk because their brains and mouths are inside a bottle.

That is why 58 years after independence, Nigerians are living in fear, insecurity and poverty in their own country because of a tiny percentage of evil persons are allowed to manipulate them like puppets. They are still promising you roads, electricity, water, hospitals and other funny things. No government promises you such things in developed countries because they got all that more than 300 years and you are there campaigning for your oppressors like Atiku and Buhari. They have even turned some of your brains now so that you cannot see beyond APC or PDP.

If you are living abroad, before the election, please send pocket money to members of your family. Warn them seriously not to collect any money on election day from ritualist politicians. If they collect that money, it is you they will call at the end of the day to send money to treat their problem.

If you are in Nigeria do not make the mistake of collecting any money from politicians on or before election day. Do not collect any food item or drinks too. They have robbed all those things with their evil sacrifices and the blood of our compatriots. We saw a politician in Oyo state who was distributing pop corn. Another one was distributing Ijebu garri and women were on the queue waiting for garri or what Ayo Fayose calls stomach infrastructure.

Have you not heard of Nigerians, including little children that disappeared from the street? Their body parts are already sold to politicians for rituals who will use the money to pay for your votes in the 2019 elections. You must not receive blood money my people. Parent must be careful how they allow their children to walk alone to or from School this time around because the evil political jackals are awake. Nigeria is currently not a place to be a youth. The politicians made it so. There are some persons that are 58 years old like Nigeria but since they were born they have not enjoyed anything from the government.

If you see anybody with money on election day trying to buy votes, just know for yourself that the person is a ritualist. If you hold them and strip them naked, you will see that they are tying some evil objects round their waists. He might even have used the blood of a member of your family or friends for that money. Listen to this: they will never allow their children to touch such monies. Never! They know the evil it contains. My people, we have many problems in Nigeria today because the blood of innocent Nigerians are crying, screaming from underground seeking justice from Nigerian politicians. If you do not listen to me now, and you collect money from any politician on or before election day, the only thing I can tell you in advance is REST IN PEACE.

As I am speaking now, the stubborn spirit from your village is telling you ’’ LEAVE DAT GUY, NA SO HE DEY YARN. NA TODAY WE DEY SEE BLOOD? ALL DEATH NA DEATH NOW. NOR MIND THE GUY; MONEY NA MONEY. Sharrap, all money nor be money.

Nigerian youths, I call on you now. You have the power to change the face of politics in Nigeria. We must support only a clean President that shares our values. We must kick out money from our politics today so that we can enjoy long-lasting and secured prosperity. A primary school teacher could be governor even if he does not have money. Stop worshiping money. I challenge you today, let us make sacrifices for country Nigeria.