Who were the 70 Nigerian Presidential candidates sponsored against us in the 2019 elections? Odorige

The young candidates refused to cooperate in support of a candidate to wrestle power from the old brigade. Today we are worse of as a country than it was 40 years ago because of the political ancestors that have refused to die. Immediately after the results of the sham 2019 Presidential election result was announced, the 70+ Presidential candidates went to sleep. They became silent as if they were paid to be silent. There has been many horrible and terrible events happening in Nigeria in recent months but you have all refused to comment or take decisive actions. Does it mean that you were not patriotic but wanted to be our President? As long as you picked the nomination form to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you forever remain the conscience of our country. Some of you just wanted to bear the title of “former Presidential candidates “ when you had nothing to offer.

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