Something REVOLUTIONARY is coming to Nigeria

Something  very strange is about to happen in Nigeria and Nigerians must allow it to happen because it is legal and it will be non violent. There comes a time in the history of a people when they must all arise and declare a state of emergency for the well being of their country. We must refuse to continually  allow ourselves to be the sheep that is continually led to the slaughter.

The time has come for us to save our necks. Nigeria is surviving on a life support machine and in our very before, our national oxygen is drying up fast and we are collectively being led into a Venezuela.  There is no better time for us to shout than now.  We must force it to happen now or forever remain a mockery of the world with all our huge natural resources and endowment.

Therefore, whether you are IPOB, Arewa, Oduduwa, Niger Deltan, Middle Beltan, North, South, East or West, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, Pagan, atheist or traditionalist, we must rise up together and finally choose a day to be free as a people with a common wealth. Politicians have put a sharp knife on the things that hold us together. We must break their knife and their yoke. Our strength lies in those things that divide us. We are too rich to be this poor. We are too blessed to be cursed with portor-portor governance. We must rise up, stand on a common platform, speak with one voice, act in one direction and collectively say NO to the forces of darkness that have held us down. It will be our collective shame if we bequeath today’s sorry Nigeria to our children and unborn generation. For how long must less than 10 thousand oppress 200 million of us? Think! Is today’s Nigeria the dream of our heroes past?

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