Nigerian Diaspora GCSDN congratulate indigenes of Oyo state. Makinde must probe Ajimobi

Seyi Makinde, if you do not probe Ajimobi, posterity will not forget. We are talking about the wealth of a people. He is leaving with a huge debt of about N200billion for the future generations to pay. How can meaningful development be achieved? We are where we are today as Nigerians because we kept quiet to the oppressors too long. These are the ones we call excellencies. Common thieves not better than Evans the kidnapper. Sponsors of thugs and ritualists. Ajimobi even wanted to be a Senator, to make laws for me and for you! We don over suffer for dat country sha. Hmmnnn. This is the same Oyo state whose history we read under the great Oyo Empire that produced men and women who stood tall at all times and seasons. Oh! we miss our heroes!

Any state governor that stays in office for eight years and could not turn his state to be like at least the poorest state in Europe, should be immediately transferred to a psychiatric hospital at the end of his tenure. Everything is working well in the poorest European country. That is what I mean. To remember that Ajimobi closed higher institutions for several months and reduced higher institution to nothing. Sadly, the same youths allowed themselves to be used as thugs…

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