Nigerian Diaspora GCSDN reject Buhari’s election; it was a bloody coup!

When Zimbabwean soldiers freed their country from the dictatorial hold of Robert Mugabe, our soldiers used the gun to intimidate and kill Nigerians during elections as a way of enforcing Buhari’s second coup against the unarmed Nigerian people. Now that elections are over, we shall see whether Nigerian soldiers and police will attend a different market from other Nigerians. We are in the same boat. So as a trained soldier, if a public servant tells you to shoot a Nigerian during election, you will just shoot? Fela Anikulapo Kuti was right afterall. Is election war? Is that your training? For any Nigerian you kill for any baseless reason, that is how another soldier like you will kill a member of your family in another part of the country. Whatever comes around goes around. Whenever you use soldiers for elections, you are executing a coup to either forcefully change a government or to remain in office. 47 Nigerians were killed in that election excluding the unreported cases in remote areas. That was not an election it was a war without enemies.Where is the often flaunted integrigity of Buhari? Votes at gun point?

As long as we continue with this ballot box and ballot paper nonsense, Nigerian elections will continue to be theatres of war. We must quickly develop electronic voting system for the 2023 elections where data in our PVC are transferred to our telephone sim cards that will enable us to vote from the convenience of our homes. Nigerian elections will continue to be theatres of war unless we reduce the salaries of politicians strictly according to the law as stipulated by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission. A Senator must not be earning more than a Permanent Secretary and no former governor must receive pension. Politicians kill Nigerians not because they want to serve us, but because they want to serve themselves and their families through looting and receiving mind blowing salaries. Yet our country is highly indebted.

Mamood Yakubu has gone down in history as the master minder of the worst election ever organized in Nigeria. Any foreign leader that stretches forth his hand to congratulate Buhari will equally have the blood of slain Nigerians in his or her hand. We are not surprised that somebody like Paul Biya of Cameroon congratulated Buhari. Birds of the same feather. He equally has the blood of Cameroonians in his hands. The other few countries congratulating Buhahi are the same ones benefitting from the fortunes and misfortunes of Nigeria. Rigging is worse enough but Buhari and his agents superritended over the killing of Nigerians in a desperate move to retain power. The Section 14 subsection 2b of the Nigerian Constitution (As amended) states that the welfare and security of the citizens shall be the primary purpose of the government… Instead of securing Nigerians, you kill them. Chapter 1 article 4 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights states: Every human being shall be entitled to respect for his life and the integrity of his person. Article 3 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations affirms: everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

In the light of these, we Nigerians in Diaspora under the platform of the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, hereby declare that the Nigerian Presidential election held on 23 February 2019 was neither free nor fair. It clearly made a mockery of elections. We cannot accept an election result where the sitting President used the ammunitions of state to terrorize and kill Nigerians. You cannot keep your children at home, deploy soldiers to your Minister of Transportation, kill Nigerians in Rivers state and you want us to recognize you as a President. You are a killer President. You have ignored the many deaths of Nigerians before now therefore, more deaths mean nothing to you. Any foreign leader that stretches his or her hands to congratulate Muhammadu Buhari equally has blood in his hands. We refuse to address Muhammadu Buhari as His Excellency since he rode to power with the blood of Nigerians

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