Britain is daily profiting from terrorism; Return Nigerian artefacts now!

What you called slave trade is what I call colonial terrorism. You stole and seized our people into forced slavery at gun point. That is history. That is forgiven, though no genuine apology or restitution was made. Till date, the British government continue to benefit from acts of terrorism and this must stop. Your Cambridge English dictionary simply defines terrorism as threats of or violent action for political purposes.

In February 1897, the British troops in terrorist fashion committed a despicable violent act against Nigerians. They traveled without invitation, from their natural habitation in London- 3,140 miles or 5,054 kilometers away, to invade and terrorize our people in the great Benin Empire of Nigeria. They ruthlessly burnt the empire to the ground, tortured and killed thousands of us, forced the King to flee his palace, looted our treasures of bronze and ivory artefacts and desecrated one of the richest cultures of ancient Africa. Till date, Britain daily celebrate the many symbols of that genocide and terrorism as they continue to house and commercialize, with brazen effrontery, our cherished and price-less artefacts caged in the British museum on the British soil. People have been paying money for many years to see the objects of terrorism caged and put in your museum. You continue to use the proceeds of your terrorist act to develop your economy. You have been re-investing the proceeds of your terrorist act in renovating the British museum periodically in order to attract more visitors. The British museum is the most visited attraction in Britain. It was visited by 5.9million persons in 2017. Visitors who came to see our looted treasures. Whoever pay or donate money to see the looted artefacts of Nigeria stolen with the instrument of the gun and torture by the British people, is supporting and investing in terrorism. In that bloody invasion of the Benin empire, children were slaughtered like chickens, pregnant women were burst open and our men were massacred before entire villages were burnt, flat to ashes. Many women and young girls were allegedly raped and many others were displaced and never reunited with their families. The blood of our people is on every penny you count as profit today in the British museum. Our eyes are still very red, but we refuse to cry by the actions of your forefathers against humanity. We know you are innocent of the crime but as long as you continue to keep and commercialize our cherished artefacts, you are equally guilty. You turned our blood into your gain

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