THEY invaded and terrorized our people in the great Benin Empire of Nigeria. They ruthlessly burnt the empire to the ground, tortured and killed thousands of us, forced the King to flee his palace, looted our treasures of bronze and ivory artefacts and desecrated one of the richest cultures of ancient Africa.

In that bloody invasion of the Benin empire, children were slaughtered like chickens, pregnant women were burst open and our men were massacred before entire villages were burnt, flat to ashes. Many women and young girls were allegedly raped and many others were displaced and never reunited with their families. Many, many died without graves. These actions and the eventual looting of artefacts from Nigeria are clear cases of terrorism. Cambridge English dictionary simply defines terrorism as threats of or violent action for political purposes.

Till date the British government continue to commercialize the products of terrorism by keeping our artefacts in the London museum where people pay money daily, to see the proceeds of terrorism.

Africans, British citizens and good people of the world, if you are genuinely interested in the fight against terrorism, against injustice, against oppression and in support of human rights, this is the time to show it. The Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria respectfully invite you to kindly join us in our WORLD PROTEST AGAINST TERRORISM in London by 11.30 a.m on Saturday the 9th day of March 2019 as we take a solemn protest march to the British museum in London based on my political ideology of revolution without ammunition.

Meeting point is London: Paul”s Station by Cheapside Exit in front of Tesco Express ( 14-16 St. Martin”s Le Grand, London EC2V 6BJ). From there we shall together, walk peacefully to the British museum. There we shall hold prayer sessions in honour of those that were terrorized and massacred in Nigeria before the artefacts were forcefully looted. Thereafter, we shall sing for the return of our artefacts. We shall continue to do this from Saturday the 9th day of March 2019 till the artefacts are returned. Please share this message. Come with your placards and banners. See you in London at the WORLD PROTEST AGAINST TERRORISM. Thank you in advance for coming.

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