Nigerian 2019 Presidential election is the final whistle

The time has finally come for us to decide as a people. Do we vote again for those that have ruined our country for 20 years? The world is watching to see if we are foolish. It is an election between the forces of light and darkness. It is between failure and promise. It is between a better tomorrow and the many sorrows of today.

“THIS IS A PDP STATE.”  “THIS IS AN APC STATE” “THIS IS AN APGA STATE” There is nothing like that!
UNTIL we free ourselves from this manipulative statements by self-seeking politicians, true change and development will not come. No state belong to any political party; neither does your conscience.
Break that yoke; it is political slavery.

Over 7000 Nigerians killed between January 2018 and today in a country where we are not fighting war. Death from Boko haram, herdsmen, and police brutality. 13.2 million children on the street. In 2021 our dear country will be the country in the world with the highest number of children that will die before the age of five. As blessed as we are, Many, many Nigerians can no longer afford a square meal. Bamboos are used as bridges and rickety canoes are daily used to ferry children to school.

Panties, hair and human parts are sold for ritual purposes. For 20 years the government of PDP and APC promised us electricity but we daily pay for darkness; they promised us clean drinking water but we drink unclean water and contaminate diseases. They promised us better education, but the sent their children to study abroad while our students have stayed at home because ASUU is on strike.

Nigerian students, the time has come for you to show how wise you are. Will you join the crowd vote for your oppressors or vote for Omoyele Sowore of the AAC who was a student Union President at the University of Lagos. The man that has fought for student well being will never, never allow the respected  ASUU to go on strike.

The time has finally come for Nigerian Youths to answer Buhari whether they are lazy or not. Nigeria is in your hands. It is time to either continue to say SAI BABA to a president that does not have the mental and physical capacity, or to say SAI BOBO with Sowore who has been driven by 30 years of strong passion for a new Nigeria where there is development, peace, security and room for all Nigerians. A Nigeria where there is plenty of food to eat and to share; where constant electricity will drive our economy and make  Nigeria great like developed countries. We have stayed on this valley for too long!  The dream of today’s Dubai started with one man and the will of the people to stand up and collectively build a country which has become the cynosure of all eyes. With your votes, it is possible. Nigerian workers! Enough of monkey dey work, bamboo chop. Get out of your N30,000 struggle and allow Sowore of AAC to give you a better life as he has promised. You deserve f-a-r more than this.

We must refuse their ritual money which they share during elections in order to stagnate your destiny. We must refuse their guns and cutlasses which they buy for us to kill ourselves because they are desperate to be in office. They never liked us. All through the campaign  we have argued and insulted ourselves on facebook but we never saw the children of Atiku, Tinubu, Buhari or Saraki campaigning for their parents. NO! Our mumu must die! Now the time has come to say NO! to their parents. We must all stand up as a people to speak with a common voice by changing the system that has held us down for too long. Politicians have marginalized all of us. Now is the time to break the chain from Kano to Kaduna  down to the hills of the Plateau and across the rivers Niger and Benue. Real change must come from Abraka to the to Abeokuta. Ondo must be proud and wake up as their erudite son Omoyele Sowore becomes our President. From the nook and cranny of Nigeria, we could make history by using our hunger and long years of deprivation to cause this change to happen. We have suffered loooong enough… rich as we are! See how Nigerians died in Libya and in the mediteranean just to escape from a country so blessed. Will you forget those that died by voting for your oppressors? Will you forget how they loot our economy and they are borrowing all over the world  so that our youths will pay the debts? No!! APC and PDP are the same. They cannot take Nigeria any where! We must not deceive ourselves.

As you prepare to vote, remember that it will be very unfair bequeath the sorry state of today”s Nigeria to our children or the future generation of Nigerians. No! Our votes can change that.

Our duty is very simple. Each of us must play our roles by voting for the party called AAC. Vote for Omoyele Sowore as President of Nigeria and we shall all smile again. Let us do something that will cause a huge celebration in Nigeria like never before. We live abroad. We have seen how governments use the wealth of their country to improve the lives of their people. Where children receive monthly salaries for being children. Where you receive salary because you have no job. Where free medical attention and education is free because you are a citizen. Sowore did not lie when he promised to change our coutry for better. He is in a hurry to develop our great country. Should we allow him? Yes!! Should we vote for him? Yes!! Everything happening in Nigeria is opposite. We cannot lie to you. We are comfortable here abroad  but North, South, East or West, home is the best. We want to partner with you to build a new Nigeria where all is safe, free and happy.

On the ballot paper, AAC will be in the third box or number three. That is where you will thumbprint. Just there. Only there. Do not change your mind on the last day for any reason. We are close to freedom. We refuse to return to Egypt.

…Do not say you do not know Sowore or AAC. You may be right because it is a new political party. They do not have the same money to bribe like APC and PDP who are only re-investing what they stole from you.

I do not wish to make you afraid, but I know, deep in my heart, that if we make the same mistake to vote any other party outside AAC, then the next level will be worse. Do not vote alone, if you are living in Nigeria, tell your friends and family to vote for AAC, Omoyele Sowore for President. If you are living abroad, please do not throw away this golden opportunity. Pick your phone now. Call 10 members of your family or friends. Tell them to vote for Sowore. Tell those 10 persons to tell 2 other persons each. The 10 that you will tell and the 20 that you will tell makes it 30 votes from you alone. There is an estimate of 17 million Nigerians living abroad. If just 6 million of us can make that special call and supervise it, then success is sure.  What we enjoy abroad is borrow-borrow. The day we finally return home to Nigeria is the day we shall drop what we have been enjoying abroad; right at the departure point of the airport. Then where are you returning to? To darkness, insecurity and poverty? To life of generator? No! We refuse to be reduced. When you ignore this message, thinking that others will make the call, that is how the others will be expecting that you will make the call. Then the result will be sad. God forbid. Somebody thought that somebody will do it but nobody did it because somebody refused to do it.

Remember this. The time has come for us to scrap the Senate in Nigeria. They do the same job like the House of Representatives. Let us keep only the House of Representatives. They break the law that they are supposed to make. They pay themselves 30,000million naira every month against the law. What they loot in four years is enough to build 18 standard hospitals in the 36 states of Nigeria. They cause our poverty. 86million Nigerians now live in extreme poverty. When they give you ballot paper for the Senate, just thumb print in many boxes. By doing that, that vote will become invalid. There cannot be Senators when there are no results. That is what we mean by REVOLUTION WITHOUT AMMUNITION.

The ball is in your court. Vote Sowore of AAC and scrap the Nigerian Senate. I am not campaigning to you. We are not members of AAC. I REPRESENT THE Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria made up of Nigerians living abroad. We did an online election on 1st November 2018 among all the Presidential candidates and Omoyele Sowore won it. We strongly believe that he can change Nigeria once and for all. Will you allow a new and better Nigeria? Our answer is yes, yes and Yes.

Make we vote for the party wey get photo wey carry 2 hands. Nigeria dey our 2 hands.  Vote for 2 hands, Nigeria dey our hand o

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