INEC is a huge National embarrassment…

Today Nigeria is a mockery in the world in various ways because of irresponsible persons in office. All the problems created around the election has been intentionally orchestrated to provoke Nigerians into taking laws in their hands. We refuse to react in any violent way inimical to national security, democracy and development. The Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria hereby call on all Nigerians to remain focussed and steadfast towards participating in the elections by voting for total change as history is about to be made. Do not be disappointed or frustrated for the effort you have put in so far. Good things don’t come easy. Please go back and vote as scheduled. God is only creating disorder and confusion in the midst of the forces of darkness that has held our country down for too long. This is Go din motion. We strongly believe in one indivisible and progressive Nigeria. Nigeria must overcome. Our prayers and efforts are not in vain.

189 billion naira was released to INEC for this election N53.2 billion was budgeted for security N310 million to feed security dogs and N7million to feed 50 horses.  Then we started hearing that 17 sacks of ballot papers impounded, Nigerians were intentionally frustrated by INEC from collecting their voters’ cards, result sheets found with one Gaius in Abia state; newspaper vans were allegedly used to distribute prepared ballot papers;  in Kaduna state 66 Nigerians were killed on the eve of the election including 22 children and 12 women with a new Inspector General of police and a Governor El-Rufai who receives huge monthly security votes. The same El-Rufai that promised to kill foreign observers and return their corpses in body bags. Now nobody is talking about those precious Nigerians that have been killed because some demons and looters must kill to get into office. A Special adviser to the Governor of Delta state was also shot dead. Why do web ring out the beast in us because of elections? In developed countries you will not even know that elections are ongoing because things go on normally. All the ballot papers for Niger state were stolen on election eve; in that same Niger state, one Mohammed Sani Musa  a.k.a Sani 313 who is an APC  Senatorial candidate for Niger East Senatorial district is the same person whose company Activate Technology Limited was allegedly contracted by INEC to supply the machine for the printing of  Permanent Voters’ Cards. So why has Buhari and INEC been telling us that there will be a free and fair election? Are these the indices for free and fair elections?

Nigerian do or die politicians are too demonic to be handled by today’s  weak and porous INEC.

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