Hold Wike & Amaechi responsible for any election death in the Rivers of blood.

Another election is approaching and the season of death and the harvest of blood is approaching in Rivers state and across Nigeria. Since the lust for power consumed Rotimi Amaechi and Nyesom Wike, Rivers state has not known real peace and development. Rotimi is the former governor of the state and current Nigerian Minister of Transportation while Wike is the current governor of Rivers state. Both of them want to desperately hold on to power as if they will live for ever. They behave as if there was no governor before them. Many persons have died in Rivers state because of the power tussle between both men who see politics as a do or die affair. Wike was seen holding a cutlass in a public ceremony and he threatened to cut down his political opponents. Thugs, secret cultists and jobless youths have been used to create havoc in Rivers state which has led to the killing of many innocent Nigerians.

Wike and Amaechi have on several occasion blamed one another as the cause of the various violence. We are basing my message on the accusations both of them made at each other. As we enter another season of election, we wish to tell Wike and Amaechi that any blood shed in Rivers state is on your heads and that of your immediate families because the people that have been dying because of your unbridled political rivalry also have families.

Rivers youths, you fought and killed yourselves for your selfish politicians and remained jobless and hungry but Nyesom Wike ended up becoming Governor; you killed yourselves and Rotimi Amaechi ended up becoming Minister of transportation; you killed yourselves and Dakuku Peterside became Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA); you killed yourselves and Ibi Semenitari became Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC. They are all enjoying with their families while you are planning to hold gun and cutlass in the coming election. See as una mumu dey boil.

Evil politicians will give you weapons to kill a fellow human being and you will become enemy to the friends and family of the person you kill. You begin to live in fear that they will attack you one day-and of course they will revenge one day, but the person that gave you ammunition to kill and to destroy is protected with police and soldiers with sirens that forces you to leave the way. Meanwhile, the governors that use you as thugs receive pension for life after leaving office. For example, for five years in prison former governor of Delta state James Ibori received 250 million naira as pension. That is 50 million naira in one year or about 4.2 million naira monthly for doing nothing. Senator Joshua Dariye who also stole when he was governor of Plateau state is now in prison and he has been receiving 14.2 million naira monthly since June 2018 as the salary of a Senator in prison – for doing nothing. And Nigerians are keeping quiet. That is the rubbish happening in Nigeria and that is why majority of hard working Nigerians are struggling to survive and struggling with poverty. Have you ever heard of a thug receiving pension in or out of prison? You don’t have a pension like them. Shine your eyes even if you are blind. APC or PDP will not take Nigeria any where near greatness. If you like keep deceiving yourself. Rivers state becomes rivers of blood in any election. Why? Why? Must people die because somebody wants to represent u sin an office? Imagine the number of persons killed in the Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government. Our family members and friends! The European Union Observation Mission reported that the 2015 election shows that Rivers state was the unmistakable leader in election violence because the state was turned into rivers of blood as it recorded 16 separate incidents of violence. The Nigerian Customs Service has intercepted thousands of military camouflage imported for political war as if the so-called politicians are satan’s agents in Nigeria.

This warning is also going to other youths across Nigeria where politicians use you as tools. Cultism will not end in Nigeria unless some politicians go to prison. You graduate from cultism to thuggery. From there you become armed robbers and kidnappers with the guns given to you by your slave masters. The day you are arrested, that evil Oga will deny you. That is when you will know that you are alone. Did you not hear that Senate President Bukola Saraki denied his alleged thugs who later became armed robbers? Politicians make you hungry, jobless and helpless after elections after feeding on your blood and the blood of your friends and families to get into power.  They do not care whether your lecturers go on strike or whether students stay at home for months, yet after using ogogoro to rinse your mouth, you bend your nose and lie flat on the ground like lizards shouting „I am loyal… I remain loyal” to the same people that have stolen your today and parts of your tomorrow. Remember that they only stay in office to accumulate debt for you. Check how much every state in Nigeria is owing. That is the debt they are leaving for the thugs and other youths. Another regime will come and pay parts of that debt with money that is supposed to be meant for development and they will borrow more to increase the debt. The Governors even steal what they borrow on behalf of the state. Go to Delta state and see how they destroyed the economy since 1999 under PDP. Rich state  living in poverty. Delta state has been paying debt from money borrowed in the name of all Deltans. They stole what they borrowed and now we are paying when they have nothing to show for what they borrowed.    They even give chieftaincy titles to those that pleaded guilty in court that they looted the state. The looters are respected leaders in their party today. Thievery Governors that set up canopies and hire musicians to dance whenever they want to commission a road as if they are doing you favour for doing their jobs with projects that they have hugely inflated their costs!

Nobody can kill a dog in developed countries because of elections not to talk of human beings. The photographs and videos they see abroad as you kill yourselves during elections is a shame to all Africans. The world sees you as barbarians when you kill each other. Wike and Amaechi, remember the words of Muhammadu Buhari on the day he was booed by Senators at the National assembly. He said: Remember that the world is watching and you must be seen to be above this. Judgement is coming soon.

For the Youths that will die in the coming election if you refuse to take this advise, let me tell you this in advance: REST IN PEACE!!  Today there is no peace in Nigeria because the blood of many innocent Nigerians continually cry for justice; blood spilled mostly by politicians.

Today, I Frederick Omoyoma Odorige, stand on the altar of judgement, in the name of the most High God above whom there is no other, to declare and to decree as follows: That in the coming elections, any politician, their agents or the agents of their agents in or outside the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, that will supply any weapon of death to any Nigerian or non-Nigerian, man or woman to kill any Nigerian within or outside the territorial space of Nigeria, I command them to be enveloped with the spirit of confusion and they shall, turn their weapons against themselves and their sponsors, because it is written that they shall be fed with their own flesh and shall be drunken with their own blood like sweet wine and they shall know that the Lord is our Saviour, the Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. Whoever, will enter into a church to do thanksgiving, after killing a Nigerian to get into office will be swallowed without a grave.

Nyesom Wike, Amaechi Rotimi and all Nigerian politicians, the ball is in your court. The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.

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