President ‘Jubril’ MUST debate with Omoyele Sowore


Fellow Nigerians, we do not dwell on propaganda. Since the rumour that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is cloned Sudanese Jubril, I have dispelled that rumour based on some grounds. I have also deliberately refused to respond to the many messages I have received to make a statement on this.

However, due to current developments in our country Nigeria and after due consultation with our coordinators around the world, I Frederick Omoyoma Odorige, Global coordinator of the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, ECSDN hereby make the following statements :

1.Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress AAC is our endorsed candidate for the Presidency of Nigeria come 2019. This is as a result of the fact that, amongst other Presidential candidates,  he won our online elections on November 1st 2018.

2.Omoyele Sowore was deliberately excluded from the Presidential debate of 19 January 2019 organized by the Nigerian Election Debate Group and the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria, because they know that he represents the dream and hope of a new progressive Nigeria. They know that he is both the voice of truth and the voice of the Nigerian youths and students. They know that with Sowore as President, the cabals will lose the battle of keeping Nigerians in perpetual bondage.

3.Information reaching us is that President Muhammadu Buhari will not be available for the Presidential debate of January 19, 2019. According to information, his handlers have cleverly and insidiously booked an appointment with Buhari and his doctors in the United Kingdom for medical checkup in order to escape from the debate. It is no longer news that Buhari has no confidence in Nigerian medical doctors and hospitals; hospitals he has deliberately refused to develop. Only a healthy President can guarantee a healthy nation.

4.We cannot forget that during the election campaign of the 2015 Presidential elections, Muhammadu Buhari categorically told Nigerians that his government will not allow politicians to travel abroad for medical treatments. Till date, Buhari who is ridiculously referred to as Mr Integrity by his boot lickers, has spent at least 117 days in the United Kingdom for medical treatment. Lies, lies, lies in government with so much insincerity of purpose. On the other hand, Buhari, who is purportedly fighting corruption has arrogantly refused to disclose to Nigerians how much his continuing medical treatment has cost our country. It is our money. He moves with a huge entourage with the Presidential jet parked daily at huge financial cost. A President that is not accountable cannot be trusted.  We are not interested in the name of his illness since he choses not to disclose it, but we are interested in our money- our collective wealth. The man that does not honour his word with honesty has no integrity.  Buhari’s four years in office is 1460 days. He has spent 117 days in the UK for medical treatments. It means that 12.4% of his days in office was spent in living and paying tax and medical bills to the government of the United Kingdom. That was how former President Olusegun Obasanjo was busy travelling round the world and he came out to say that his Vice Abubakar Atiku looted Nigeria dry when he was mostly abroad. Obasanjo wrote that what Atiku stole from Nigerians could feed 300 million Nigerians for 400 years! Seriously!

5.Now the World bank has predicted that in 2021 Nigeria will become the country in the world with the highest number of children who die before the age of five. Why? Lack of medical care and facilities. Nigerians spend more than 1 billion dollars annually for medical treatments abroad; an amount higher than what was budgeted for  the health sector in 2018. Nigerian children have died and continue to die in the hands of their mothers because they had no money to buy medicine for malaria. Yet Buhari borrowed 300m dollars to fight malaria in Nigeria. Nigerians are crushed to death on our highways or die gradually because there are no emergency and available health facilities but you take our money to treat yourself abroad. APC and PDP are the same and they can never, never, take us anywhere as a people. The same pattern has been going on since 1999. Children have free medical treatments abroad till the age of 18. Ambulance could respond by helicopter when the need arises; pensioners enjoy free medical health care; free emergency telephone numbers can call a doctor to your home… Who says this is not possible in Nigeria.? NO!! Nigeria must not continue like this with the same set of politicians after 58 years. No!!

See how God blessed us as a people. Abundant natural resources; Beautiful people with adequate strength, knowledge, resilience and determination; yet conditions are hopelessly getting worse everyday. Is governance a joke? Is governance a business just to yield private interest? Fellow Nigerians, we have endured long enough. Now the world thinks that we are naturally stupid as we keep repeating the same mistake of voting the same set of unproductive leaders. No!! We must decide once and for all in 2019. The Broadcating organization of Nigeria must learn to be sincere when organizing debates. You cannot be excluding popular candidates like Sowore from debates and you invite candidates that pay you but arrogantly refuse to show up because they lack the confidence to make convincing or sensible statements.

6.In the light of the above, we wish to demand that Omoyele Sowore the Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress must be included in the debate program. Any action contrary to this is discriminatory and anathema to the rule of law and fundamental human rights.  President Muhammadu Buhari must physically appear for debate in Abuja on 19 January 2019. We wish to use the opportunity of the debate to physically assess if he is truly the Buhari we know or whether he is the purportedly cloned Jubril of Sudan as widely proclaimed. The rumour has been going on in Nigeria that Buhari was cloned but, surprisingly, Buhari traveled to Poland to defend himself of this allegation. You must defend yourself in Nigeria. We want to see you. You are a public servant of the Federaal Republic of Nigeria. You are accountable to all Nigerians.

7.For seeking to be re-elected into office as the President of Nigeria, Buhari is seeking employment from us. Nigerian voters are the employers. We refuse to employ somebody we cannot interview. No reasonable employer will accept that. Nigerians are not as stupid as our politicians want us to be. We have been making the mistake of employing the wrong persons since 1999 and we can no longer continue making that huge mistake that has brought our country to his knees.

8.If President Buhari refuses to physically appear for the debate and deliberately escapes to the United Kingdom in the name of treatment, then we shall have cause to believe that he is truly Jubril of Sudan. If Buhari does not attend the debate, but he is within Nigeria or in any part of the world, it also means that he is truly Jubril. In that case, all Nigerians must finally decide to vote for Omoyele Sowore of AAC, a true Nigerian paternally and maternally. If Buhari escapes to the UK in order to escape the debate, we will not end there. Our coalition shall move to London to wait for Jubril.

9.Therefore, as the Global coordinator of the ECSDN, I am using this opportunity to respectfully call on all members of the ECSDN United Kingdom chapter, and indeed, all well-meaning Nigerians and supporters of good governance globally, to kindly converge at the entrance of Abuja House in London on the 20th of January 2019 for a protest titled THIS JUBRIL MUST DEBATE. THIS JUBRIL MUST DEBATE. THIS JUBRIL MUST DEBATE.

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