Nigerians abroad ask Sowore, Ezekwesili, Durotoye and Moghalu to step down for one person


It is very interesting but senseless that Nigeria now has 91 political parties. We now have 74 so-called Presidential candidates. I intentionally used the word so-called because of those candidates just want to be known in the future as FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!

With the Presidential elections to be held on February 16, it is even more interesting that only five of the Presidential candidates are currently campaigning. Does it mean that the other 68 just came to divert our attentions and waste our time?

Foremost among the five candidates that are campaigning is Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress AAC. He has strength, stamina and vision. Though he is gathering momentum, his supporters are screaming that they wish to see his posters in all towns and villages in Nigeria. They also wish that his running mate is equally campaigning vigorously in the North.  But are the youths prepared to support the youths or they are just lazy as quoted by Muhammadu Buhari?

The second person that is campaigning and making comments on National issues is Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party. Unlike Sowore’s new party, Atiku has much money to spend. This could be informed by what Olusegun Obasanjo wrote about Atiku.  According to Obasanjo, he recorded that what Atiku stole under him as Vice President is enough to feed 300 million Nigerians for 400 years. Another Presidential candidate that is campaigning is Muhammadu Buhari supported by his other government officials who are desperate to retain their political appointments. When Buhari opened his mouth to speak at their campaign flag off at Uyo, he lacked the eloquence to address and convince the 200 million Nigerians who are in dire need of good governance in a country beclouded in abject poverty and insecurity. You may begin to wonder where the money came from when  a member of the House of Representatives Umar Bago from Niger state donated 110 vehicles to support Buhari’s campaign. Even Nuhu Ribadu’s  the former EFCC boss donated 40 vehicles for Buhari’s campaign. We hope that there will equally be a probe on the campaign expenses of APC and PDP by EFCC as it was done after the 2015 elections. Where these monies coming from int he poverty capital of the world?

New comers like the respectable Kingsley Moghalu and Obiageli Ezekwesili of the Young Progressive Party, YPP   and Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)  respectively, and Fela Durotoye Alliance for New Nigeria ANN, are also campaigning.  We advised in a previous video that the youths or new generation politicians cannot win the Presidency of Nigeria unless they step down for one person and pool their resources together. Now that the events of the campaign are unfolding, it is clear that ego has not allowed them to work together. Even the 69 that do not have the capacity to campaign have refused to step down.  They seem to have this mentality that if it is not me, I will not support any other candidate. When people are contesting elections of this magnitude, Nigerian praise singers begin to address you as „Your Excellency”. This is what is getting into the heads of the 68 persons. They are already under the illusion that they are in Aso Rock. The worse thing is that, since they refused to align with other young promising candidates,  they are dangerously ruining their future political careers without knowing it. Posterity will not forgive them because whenever their names are mentioned, they will be judged as those that truncated the hope of a new Nigeria.  Many of the 68 did not even go as far as having running mates or campaign offices.

Some of them are suspected to have been sponsored by professional politicians as spoilers to scatter the votes of young candidates. Their sponsors, the professional politicians, have no business order than stealing public money. Politics is their stock in trade.

If you see any of the 68 jumping to align with APC or PDP close to the election, you must quickly understand that they are the spoilers we are talking about.  Just watch. They will surrender their  conscience to their self-seeking sponsors. They will surely betray the youths. Even the Youths are not helping themselves. They are very confused, running after money. They will begin to regret afresh if they cannot cooperate to support one of the young generation candidates.

We at the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria have a message for Sowore, Moghalu, Durotoye and Ezekewsili. You all know that we are supporting Sowore because he won our online election held in 1st November 2018.  There are 128,000 polling stations across Nigeria in the Presidential elections. We wish to respectfully ask that if you know in your heart of hearts, that you do not have the capacity to have two party agents in the 128,000 polling booths, that is 256,000 party agents, we ask that you step down and work with the candidate from amongst you that can afford it. If you do not have agents in all stations, be rest assured that those are the places that the massive rigging will take place. Please consider this advise deeply instead of wasting your time and resources because the time is short. We ask you to consider this with all sense of humility. Four of you would need to meet. We cannot afford another four years in the hands of APC and PDP.

Nigeria has lost everything since PDP and APC took over the leadership of our country since 1999. If Nigeria is your private company, will you agree to renew the contract of your unproductive workers for another four years of loss after the disappointment and colossal loss of 20 years? After ruining your company and forcing you to borrow all over the world? We are not hiding the fact that APC and PDP have failed Nigeria and they cannot take us any where today or tomorrow. We must not deceive ourselves. Both parties are the same and they have an indwelling ideology of failure and lootocracy. The time is running out for the 68 to do the needful or go down in history as selfish and unpatriotic. The clock is ticking. Democracy in Nigeria is about to be molested and tortured again in our very before.

Great countries of today were built from the visions of their great leaders who put love for country above love for fame and stomach infrastructure. Men and women who selflessly sacrificed their mental and psychological will by surrendering to country so that generations after them will live happier than they did. It is the power of such visions which men like Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan mustered, many years after Nigeria’s independence, that began a journey that turned the United Arab Emirates from a desert into a destination and a cynosure of all eyes. They gave their all and developed into a global hub for tourism, retail, and finance, home to the world’s tallest building, and largest man-made seaport. They built structures on the power of their visions and they attracted the stolen wealth from politicians, business persons, tourists and those that sought good health from countries like Nigeria. Nigerians who are too weak to make their country great. Today, the UAE suck and continue to suck the resources of countries like Nigeria whose leaders lack the vision and the nitty-gritty of governance to make their people happy.

Today, Nigeria our country boasts of villains not heroes. We boast of men and women who sacrifice the blood of their compatriots to get power that fades away shortly; while the heroes who made their countries great continue to rest in perpetual peace, celebrated many years after they have gone. 

Never shall we see the Nigeria of our dream within our life span or the life span of future generations until we realize that the power to be great does not lie in our physical strength or in coveting our common wealth or in seeking selfish power, but in distributing the wealth and building a society that works for all; it is in cooperating with, and supporting our political rivals and candidates with visions and dogged determination to run for offices. In so doing, we jointly work together in view of nation building for the sake of posterity. Greatness will not come when we all aspire to be Presidents of our country despite the glaring challenges. We must refuse to be obstacles to progress so that together, we could build a society where our today is better than our yesterdays and our tomorrows far better than our today. Our desire for power must not be a litmus test for strength or the unprofitable quest for fame and  unbridled desperation. Both the leaders and the followers have equal roles to play in nation building. That is how heroes are made. You could be an hero either as an excellent follower or an exceptional leader. The ball is in your court of the 68 and the Nigerian youths!




2 thoughts on “Nigerians abroad ask Sowore, Ezekwesili, Durotoye and Moghalu to step down for one person

  1. Sowore already showed strength, you guys did online voting and he won. Don’t ask him or classify him with other who need to step down. If you believe in that poll, call a spade a spade. Moghalu, Fela, Obi should immediately step down. You should not be scared to say the truth. Truth is part of our problem in Nigeria.


    1. Thank you Elizabeth. Sowore remains our candidate and we are campaigning for him. This statement has been made in cognizance of the current development. With the way they are all going, the new generation politicians will have splitted votes if they do not form a common front now. Amongst themselves, they need to endorse one of them.

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