Nigerian soldiers and Police officers must stop behaving like zombies.


You are supposed to be nation builders, not destroyers. That is why we need a President in 2019 that will improve our welfare and general security. The APC and PDP politicians you have been working for have failed us. Can’t you see? Why must you escort a politician and his thugs to scatter a primary election and you drive away with the politician? The last bribe you received to disrupt or rig an election has finished. Has it improved your life? Has it given you stable electricity, water, good roads and general welfare? Many widows are living in the police and army barracks because the system you are protecting allowed their husbands to be killed in the course of duty. It usually takes a very long time to pay compensations and gratuity to such families, but you keep protecting the same evil politicians that have no regard for you. Na who do una like dat sef? When we see the deplorable state of our police and army barracks, it saddens our hearts. You cannot compare your standard of life with police officers in developed countries because the officers here will never do anything to rig elections or shoot to intimidate voters because they know that it is uncivilized to do so. They also appreciate that the voting will impact on the standard of their lives. When elections are going on in developed countries, you will not even know that elections are going on. That is what we call civilization and that is the level we wish our country to attain. We that are living abroad are very angry about what is going on in our country.

Look at our Senators that you are escorting for example. Each Nigerian Senator mischieviously earn more than the American President. They earn more than any European President. The monthly salary of a Nigerian Senator is more than the salary of 612 PRIVATE in the Nigerian army because a PRIVATE earns 49,000 naira. The salary of a Nigerian army General is 1.5 million naira monthly. A Senators’ monthly income can pay the salary of 20 army generals in a month. A Police Constable on grade level 3 receives a little above 43,000 naira. It means that a Senator’s salary can pay 697 Police Constables. The Inspector General of Police earns 711, 498 naira. It means that a Senator’s monthly income of 30,000million naira can pay 42 Inspector Generals. In order words, the monthly income of one Nigerian senator can pay one Inspector General of Police for almost four years. Now you see why the Senators don’t respect your Oga! These are illegal income appropriated by the Senators for themselves. Instead of addressing those serious issues, you are busy shooting to scare Nigerians from changing the system with their votes. You are busy forcing Nigerians to do frog jump; you are busy obstructing the protest of the Nigerian Labour Congress who are fighting for all of us so that minimum wage could be increased. For how long will you continue to protect your oppressors while you oppress your friends?! That is why we are saying that Nigerians must be ready to scrap the Nigerian Senate in the 2019 election. If they give you ballot paper to vote for a Senator, simply thumb print in many places so that the vote will be invalid. Without valid votes there will be no results. This is revolution without ammunitions.

Nigerian soldiers and police: you are not zombies. You are the conscience of our country. You carry the badge of our security. You are the standard bearers we ought to be proud of. You are part of our national image and heritage. You are authority bearers.  Give Nigerians the opportunity to honour you because you are our risk takers. Our security officers must say NO to vote buying;  NO to insecurity; No to disenfranchisement; No to godfatherism; No to corruption; No to rigging; No to disenfrachisement and intimidation of Nigerians during elections. We win, you win. Are we asking for too much?

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