BEWARE! Nigerian politicians paying with ritual money

Fellow Nigerians, do you know that many Nigerians have died because they were paid with ritual money during the elections of Anambra, Ekiti, Osun states? Many more more will die if they do not take this message seriously. Some persons that received money from vote buyers have died in their sleep and some of them are now walking corpses with heads that do not have functioning brains. Some of them have gone to see the doctor but the problem could not be diagnosed. Some walked into accidents and others lost their destinies. Look for some persons with children that received money from politicians on election day. Some of their children have died since they received that money. It was ritual money. For those that have no children, their destinies have been arrested. Some youths today are ready to fight with you if you tell them not to support their oppressors because they are under spiritual control. As they spend the politicians money, it will be very difficult for them to make progress in life because the politicians have caged their stars. There is no free food in Freetown. Have you not observed that ordinarily, some politicians give money with their left hands? It is part of their rules from their occult world.

If you think that Nigerian politicians will give you money because they want you to be happy for one day, then you are joking. Political godfather and godson or god daughter swear spiritual oaths in a shrine. They have an agreement. They need to remain loyal even when the godfather is a greedy idiot. That is why you see that some local government areas and states will never develop because they use your money to pay the godfathers based on spiritual. Have you observed that in some PDP and APC states, no matter how much you have looted, the party will still make you the leader of their political party? Why? Ritual agreement.

Politicians will never use their children as thugs or any other dirty political business because they value their children more than you the youths that they use as thugs.  Why? Because, as we say in pidgin English, „ Na another man pikin na im fit craze”


Why do you see that a state Governor can control all the legislators in their House of assembly? Why do you see that a local government Chairman can control all the Councilors? Why do you see that a so-called godfather can control Senators or Governors? With the ritual of the blood of Nigerians, they put the name and pictures of their subjects into a bottle and they close the bottle. They speak to the bottle to control their victims. Ritual. That is why a state governor can steal as much he wants and the legislators cannot talk. That is why a local government chairman can steal as he wants and the Councillors cannot talk because their brains and mouths are inside a bottle.

That is why 58 years after independence, Nigerians are living in fear, insecurity and poverty in their own country because of a tiny percentage of evil persons are allowed to manipulate them like puppets. They are still promising you roads, electricity, water, hospitals and other funny things. No government promises you such things in developed countries because they got all that more than 300 years and you are there campaigning for your oppressors like Atiku and Buhari. They have even turned some of your brains now so that you cannot see beyond APC or PDP.

If you are living abroad, before the election, please send pocket money to members of your family. Warn them seriously not to collect any money on election day from ritualist politicians. If they collect that money, it is you they will call at the end of the day to send money to treat their problem.

If you are in Nigeria do not make the mistake of collecting any money from politicians on or before election day. Do not collect any food item or drinks too. They have robbed all those things with their evil sacrifices and the blood of our compatriots. We saw a politician in Oyo state who was distributing pop corn. Another one was distributing Ijebu garri and women were on the queue waiting for garri or what Ayo Fayose calls stomach infrastructure.

Have you not heard of Nigerians, including little children that disappeared from the street? Their body parts are already sold to politicians for rituals who will use the money to pay for your votes in the 2019 elections. You must not receive blood money my people. Parent must be careful how they allow their children to walk alone to or from School this time around because the evil political jackals are awake. Nigeria is currently not a place to be a youth. The politicians made it so. There are some persons that are 58 years old like Nigeria but since they were born they have not enjoyed anything from the government.

If you see anybody with money on election day trying to buy votes, just know for yourself that the person is a ritualist. If you hold them and strip them naked, you will see that they are tying some evil objects round their waists. He might even have used the blood of a member of your family or friends for that money. Listen to this: they will never allow their children to touch such monies. Never! They know the evil it contains. My people, we have many problems in Nigeria today because the blood of innocent Nigerians are crying, screaming from underground seeking justice from Nigerian politicians. If you do not listen to me now, and you collect money from any politician on or before election day, the only thing I can tell you in advance is REST IN PEACE.

As I am speaking now, the stubborn spirit from your village is telling you ’’ LEAVE DAT GUY, NA SO HE DEY YARN. NA TODAY WE DEY SEE BLOOD? ALL DEATH NA DEATH NOW. NOR MIND THE GUY; MONEY NA MONEY. Sharrap, all money nor be money.

Nigerian youths, I call on you now. You have the power to change the face of politics in Nigeria. We must support only a clean President that shares our values. We must kick out money from our politics today so that we can enjoy long-lasting and secured prosperity. A primary school teacher could be governor even if he does not have money. Stop worshiping money. I challenge you today, let us make sacrifices for country Nigeria.

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