HELP! See what herdsmen did to our pregnant sister Joy Terna…

It is the story of our sister named JOY TERNA. Some months ago, gun men entered a village known as Gizi in the Tiv speaking area of Nasarawa state. They slaughtered many persons and burnt the village. In the course of that massacre, they met with Joy Terna. She begged the gun men profusely not to kill her. She was four months pregnant. As the gun men were thinking about what to do with her, one of the gun men came from behind and with his sharp cutlass and cut off Joy Terna’s right hand. The hand fell to the ground and started jumping on its own. Then the gun men picked her right hand from the ground and took it away. Joy Terna was left on the ground, bleeding, screaming between life and death. She became unconscious. Somehow, somebody helped her to the hospital when the gun men had left. Miraculously, she survived the bleeding. She later became conscious. Fortunately, she didn’t lose the pregnancy. Some months later, she gave birth to a baby boy. She and the baby now live at the Abegena camp for Internally Displaced Persons at the outskirt of Makurdi. Now she struggles to feed and cater for herself and baby with her left hand. She is now learning to use just one hand. Joy Terna has been on my mind. We are already in touch with her. Somehow, I traced the Journalist who published her story. I asked him to kindly travel to the camp in search of our sister. He did. You will watch the short video of that visit now. I strongly believe that Joy our sister has been praying for a helper.  I, You, all of us are the helpers she has been praying for. Sometimes we think that we don’t have enough, but others are praying to be where we are now. Her case is a case that even a governor’s wife could easily handle. No, there she is, abandoned by man but not rejected by God. We are hereby appealing, deep from our hearts, that you, especially Nigerians living abroad, should partner with us so that we could, together, give joy to Joy Terna again. Nothing is too little. How can we help her? Let us buy a functioning artificial right hand for her. Let us take her away from the camp and rent an apartment for her for five years in Makurdi. Let us rent a shop for her and pay the rent for five years. A mini supermarket. Let us stock the shop. Lastly, let us, together, adopt that child by supporting and training him from today to University level. He is now six months old. The child that refused to die. Let that child become our child. Those are the type of children that God will use to do exploit in Nigeria.  Whatever you are struggling to achive in life has been achieved by many people and many of them have died without taking anything with them to the grave. Ask King Solomon. We must touch lives. As a first step we must take Joy Terna from the camp before Christmas. If you must give a Christmas of New Year gift to somebody this year, please let it be for Joy Terna and her child. We do not want her to spend Christmas in that camp. We already have two persons that will manage her and the resources and supervised by us. If you wish to support this project, please write her name „JOY TERNA” on your bank slip and use any of the two bank accounts here. God bless you richly as you do so.

To support JOY TERNA:

In Europe:

Nelson M46664 emberi jogi egyesület, Raifessen Bank Hungary. IBAN: HU 29 12010855-01546299-00100007    Swift code: UBRT HUHB

In Nigeria: VERA AKIGHIR. UBA Bank. Account number: 203 734 6278

7 thoughts on “HELP! See what herdsmen did to our pregnant sister Joy Terna…

  1. Hi
    i am unable to make a contribution as more information was requested which has not been provided..e.g; Mobile number for the account in Nigeria for donation towards helping JOY TERNA. Also, when i tried the Hungary account option, it requested for NAME OF BANK, BANK ADDRESS AND MOBILE NUMBER…. Could you please load up more information as it is possible that other people might have encounter this problem and eventually feel discouraged…



      1. Thanks for getting back. I think I did made my little contribution towards helping Joy Terna and I hope she is recovering well

        Warm Regards


      2. Hi Emmanuel,
        Joy Terna disappeared from the IDP Camp and we were able to search for her vigorously and got her just three weeks back. An apartment has been rented for her and she will be moving in this weekend. A video will be released to that effect. Many thanks to you.


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