Nigerians in diaspora endorse Omoyele Sowore for President as Sowore floor Atiku, Buhari and others

Fellow Nigerians, arise, the chain is broken. The chain fell from Nelson Mandela after 27 years in prison; the chain fell from Paul and Silas in the prison of the evil king. The chain fell in Zimbabwe in 2017 when Robert Mugabe was booted out of office. In 2017 the chain fell in Gambia when Jammeh Yahaya was disgraced out of office after 22 years of failed leadership. In 2010 the chain fell in Tunisia at the birth of the Arab spring that ended a dictatorship of 23 years. In 1979 Iranians said Nooo through a peaceful revolution and their chains fell. The People Power Revolution of the Philipines broke their chain in 1986. The chain fell when South Africans said Noooo to corruption in 2018 and Jacob Zuma was kicked out of office. Africa is waiting for Nigeria to say NOOOOOO!  Today, the chain of authority stealing and massacre of Nigerians is broken. It is broken and it must remain broken!  20 million permanent voters’ cards are yet to be collected from INEC. If you are tired of the suffering, killing, and oppression in Nigeria, I beg you, I really beg you. Go and collect your voters’ card today and vote for Sowore. Do not give up on Nigeria. A new Nigeria is on the way to glory. Can’t you see the light? Nigerians abroad, please begin to call your families and friends in Nigeria. Tell them that we have seen the brightest star in the sky. Inform them that Omoyele Sowore is the only person they must vote for to be President in 2019. Tell each member of your family or friend to tell ten other persons to vote for Sowore. Tell them to tell each of the ten persons they will tell, to tell another ten persons and on and on. The victory of Sowore will be a victory of the masses. I warn you, some Nigerians that are with us now will be bribed and they will come up to say in the media that they are no longer with us. Do not worry or listen to them. They are agents of the oppressors. We have been neutral until now but there must come a time to decide.  No longer must we be neutral. Get in touch with us if you wish to support this movement in any way.

You will not know how Nigerian politicians are destroying Nigeria until you travel out of Nigeria. As Nigerians living abroad, we have seen the world and we know the truth. When you see how countries that have no natural resources are developing steadily, you start to wonder what is happening to our country Nigeria. In 2020 China will be using artificial moon to replace street light and we are still there struggling with electricity. Sowore has promised us that he will resign if he cannot give Nigerians steady and cheap electricity before four years in office. We cannot continue to borrow money from countries who depend on our raw materials for growth.

Go, my people! Print your T-shirt, Sowore for President.  Let it flow. Go print our T-shirts also. Simply print hashtage NO! Print Nooo on your walls, print it on stickers and leaflets, paint NO!! on your vehicles.  Any time you see Nigerian politicians in any public or private gathering, just shout Nooo. Keep shouting Nooo. Don’t stop shouting Nooo. That is how we shall kill the evil spirit, wickedness and greed that most of them carry about. We refuse to live in this hardship in our country. This error must be corrected once and for all. As you collect your voters’ cards to vote for Omoleye Sowore of AAC as the next Nigerian President come 2019, it shall be our way of  saying NO to vote buying; we will be saying NO to insecurity; No to disenfranchisement; No to corruption; No to rigging; No to bogus salaries for state, federal legislators and the executives; No to the murderous herdsmen; No to political godfatherism and the evil political ancestors who have refused to die; No to Boko haram and their sponsors; No to unsteady electricity supply; No to inadequate health care facilities; No to politicians who travel abroad for health care while our people die at home; No to delay in the payment of salaries and pensions; No to budget padding; No to injustice and the detention of Nigerians without trial; No to those that continue to undermine our voices and rights as a people; No to recycled leaders; No to indiscriminate allocation of oil blocs; No to marginalization and the continuing environmental degradation in Niger Delta; No to inflated and abandoned projects; No to selective anti-corruption fight; No to V.I.P. treatment to some Nigerians in prison; No to life pension for former Governors and former Presidents; No to some religious leaders that have lied and led us astray; No to state electoral commissions inaugurated and manipulated by Governors; We are set to say No and Nooo to whatever has held us down as a people. We reclaim our common wealth. We reclaim our country Nigeria. Enough is enough. Welcome President Omoyele Sowore, Grand Commander of the Federal Republic come 2019. Nigeria is free at last! Sai, Sai, Sai bobo!!!!

TAKE NIGERIA BACK! Halleluyaaaaa!                                                                                         




One thought on “Nigerians in diaspora endorse Omoyele Sowore for President as Sowore floor Atiku, Buhari and others

  1. We the people of great Nigeria. It about time we awake from political enslavement by selected few cabals. Nigerians pls take this serious your vote matters. Go vote, secure your children future now or never.

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