Nigeria will fail in 2019 if the National Association of Nigerian Students fail to act now

“My daily nightmare is to know that despite our huge God-given resources, there is no State out of Nigeria’s 36 States, that is as efficient or rich as the poorest country in Europe. It is as painful as it is incomprehensible. Our eyes are red but we refuse to cry.”  Frederick Odorige

5 ways on how NANS can support in reclaiming Nigeria in 2019. In the heart of the 5 points is what I call MMS. Meet and Mobilize and Supervise. That is, NANS should embark on a project tagged MMS. How can this work?

  • The executive body of NANS and all executive members of respective Students’ Union Governments in all tertiary institutions must meet to EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY plan for the 2019 elections. As I am talking now, politicians are listening and planning on how to bribe you. Take their money but do the needful. Nigeria comes first.
  • Meet and mobilize and supervise other trade unions and associations like the National Union of Road Transport Workers and others because people were already hungry and angry. Nigerians are waiting for action.
  • Mount public speakers on some of your vehicles to encourage and mobilize people to come out to vote.
  • Dispatch all your students to all polling stations on election days from local to federal elections to supervise the elections through proper monitoring. You have the capacity. We have 40 federal Universities, 44 state universities, 68 private Universities, 80 Polytechnics and 82 Colleges of Education in Nigeria. The students should wear big badges to show that they are student observers. On the days of elections, they must combine the jobs of the Police, INEC and party agents by closely monitoring the elections and making video of all results in their polling stations. 30,000 police officers were deployed to the kitikiti governorship election of Ekiti state; INEC officers and party agents where all there, yet APC and PDP were shamefully buying votes.
  • Seize money from anybody you see trying to buy votes. That money should go to the purse of SUG. It is part of the money they stole from you. If you could effectively do this, you would have laid the foundation for the Nigeria of our dream come 2019.

Remember, we are also fighting to abolish the Senate from Nigeria. Share the message. We need only the House of Representatives. They do the same job with the Senate yet we are wasting money on Senators who do not mean well from our country.

We must begin to educate our fellow Nigerians that on election day for Senators, collect your ballot paper, thumb print in many boxes so that the result will be invalid. There can be no results when there are no votes. We must refuse to vote for Senators in 2019. That is how we can abolish the Senate. This is what we mean by Revolution without Ammunition.

Please do not forget that on November 1st we shall vote for the Presidential candidate that we will support in the 2019 election. We must form a united front to destroy the parasites and monsters of Nigerian politics if we must see a better Nigeria. We have complained enough. When campaign fully starts, you are free to sponsor the broadcast our videos on Nigerian TV and radio stations so that we could spread our message outside youtube. You could also use your local town criers in the villages to spread the messages too. Channel your resources towards that. Do not send us the money; pay directly to the service providers. That is how we operate.

Due to popular demand, we have modified our protest marches scheduled to hold in New York, Geneva and Brussels. Coordinators have suggested that we should spread the dates of the protests. Therefore, on the 1st of October 2018, Nigerians living in Belgium and in neighbouring countries should meet by 10 am in front of the European Union headquarters in Brussels Belgium. Arrangements have been concluded for that protest and the formal presentation of our letter of grievance about what is going on in Nigeria. We must fight from in and outside Nigeria. Please pick your NO!! T-shirts from Ikponmwosa Idahosa one of our coordinators in Belgium. They also have a whatsapp group for ECSDN Belgium chapter.

If you wish to join our vote on this channel on 1st November, simply click on the subscribe button of this video and you can vote for your preferred Nigerian Presidential aspirant and the winner will be the person that we will support and campaign for in the 2019 elections. Please share this message and invite your friends. The Nigerian project is our collective project.

My prayer for 2019: May God not pass us by. Amen. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Nigeria will fail in 2019 if the National Association of Nigerian Students fail to act now

  1. I am in full support of this ingenious idea and I’ve been spreading the news and encouraging Nigerians in the diaspora to vote on Nov. 1st.
    But, the question asked is that why are Buhari and Atiku on the list if we are trying to send them out?
    The common concern also raised is that they could get their people to bombard the internet and then we end up having one of them getting the most vote. How can this be prevented? Should they be taken off the list so we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot?
    Thank you so much for this brilliant idea! I pray that God will make it work and set our beloved but tormented country, Nigeria, free from the jaws of destroyers! Amen.


    1. Hello,
      Your concern is noted. There is no way Atiku and Buhari can win in our election because Nigerians in diaspora are progressives that have seen the other side of the world. As for the election, you just go to the link of the video and click on the SUBSCRIBE button. That registers you for the election of Thursday November 1st. On that day by 5pm Nigerian time, our youtube channel will open for the election. Then you just go to the comment section and type the name of your preferred candidate. The election will last for exactly 90 minutes. After that the result will be announced. The youtube link is :

      ECSDN Team


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