The Nigerian Senate could be invaded again; Nigerians must Abolish the Senate – Frederick Odorige

We heard about the siege on the National assembly by the Nigerian security agencies. Something worse than that will happen soon. Nigerians will lay siege on the National assembly and abolish the Senate. Nigerian legislators especialy Saraki and his gang members of senators put Nigeria where we are now through their bogus salaries and continuing padding of our national budget. That is why we are saying that Nigerians must scrap the Senate during the 2019 elections. If they give you a ballot paper to vote for Senators, thumbprint in many places so that it it will become invalid. There will be no result if there are no votes. This is revolution without ammunition. These people have taken us for a ride for too long. When the police stopped the so-called senators from entering the national assembly promises, God is only telling Nigerians that it is time for Nigerians to finally stop and scrap the position of Senators in Nigeria. You saw police officers standing but we saw angels with flaming swords beckoning at us. We must abolish the Senate. We saw one of the Senators swearing with the name of God. Shut your mouth; which God? Your small letter g-o-d who teaches you how to pad our budget and make Nigerians poorer or your small letter g-o-d which teaches you how to pocket money meant for constituency projects? They did not even stop there. The Senators shamelessly told us that they are protecting our democracy. Again, Nigerians say sharrap!! Which democracy? Fela’s demonstration of craze where you delay passing budgets till the middle of the year and receive huge allowances for going on break? Democracy where Nigerians can no longer feed well while you park unused exotic cars in your premises? Democracy where Nigerians cried that SARS was oppressing them, and you did nothing? Why do you seek our sympathy when it is your turn? We must abolish the Senate. We don’t need them. The House of Representative is enough. They do the same job. All Nigerians, civil society organizations and movements must hammer upon this now. Abolish the Senate. The Senate is only an office for experienced Nigerian looters and a retirement playground for ex-governors. Senate President Saraki for example, is playing hero because he believes that all Nigerians are from Kwara state. Kwarans endured him and his late father as if Kwarans are born slaves to the Saraki family. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Kwarans demonstrating and singing Saraki Ole! Saraki Ole! Their eyes are now open! Do not vote for APC or PDP. They are the same people that have put us where we are now. Boko haram, herdsmen killing and the monumental corruption will not end until some politicians go to prison. Boko haram and herdsmen killing Nigerians is business for Nigerian politicians because they do not value the lives of our people.


Even Senator Ben Bruce said that he will make sure that those behind blocking the national assembly should be banned from travelling to developed countries. In as much as we do not support the besieging of the national assembly premises, Ben Bruce is not qualified to say that. All of you are the problems we have as a country. It is not enough that you are an eloquent speaker skilled in attrracting sentiments from Nigerians. We are more interested in the 30m naira you are stealing from Nigerians monthly. That is why ont he 1st of October 2018, we are having three protest marches at the UN headquarters in New York, Switzerland and at the European Union headquarters in Brussels. The aim of the protest is to ask the international community to ban ALL Nigerian Senators, other public officers and their families from travelling to the European Union, United States of America and Canada. Why? For three reasons: the gross and uncontrolled corruption, the continuing killing and the gross abuse of human rights and the rule of law in Nigeria. How dare you turn us to the poverty capital of the world ? 87million Nigerians live in extreme poverty. It has been reported that as 44 Indians come out of extreme poverty every minute, six Nigerians become extremly poor every minute. We cannot watch and allow this to continue. NO! NO!! NOOOOO !!!!

Politicians, especially Senators have destroyed our country. It is very painful, frustrating and annoying, to be full of so much and be imprisoned in so little.

Nigerians must stop taking serious issues like our elections for granted. We cannot afford to turn everything to disco and celebrations. Timaya sang „ dem kill my papa, dem kill my mama” and people were dancing in clubs and ceremonies over the mass killing in Odi, Bayelsa state in November 1999. That is why some persons are not taking the current killings in Nigeria seriously anymore.

Nigerians don’t know their rights. That is why our silence is killing us. That is why I am suggesting that a new subject should be added into our secondary school curriculum; and that subject should be NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION. Students should have deep knowledge of our constitution. That is how they can know their rights. Nigerians will be more informed. It is only then that you will know that corruption by public office holders is against the human rights of Nigerians.


2 thoughts on “The Nigerian Senate could be invaded again; Nigerians must Abolish the Senate – Frederick Odorige

  1. Sir this word brought tears from my eyes.44 Indians comes out for extreme poverty in every minutes while six Nigerians go into poverty every minute.Nooooo! It’s must not continue.With Trillion’s of naria passed every year in the budget we have this record,is a shame.To me I see Nigerians as the most confused people on earth.I don’t really known when their eyes would be open. Sir I sent am email to you concerning how to join ECSDN which you replied me,and asked me to send my place of residence which I did immediately. But right now haven’t gotten any reply from you yet.Here is my email address again. I really appreciate your good work,with the enlightenment and awareness you are giving to Nigerians,may the Lord continue to shine his light upon you and your family. Amen.


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