No Youth can be President of Nigeria in 2019 unless… says Frederick Odorige

Now Nigerian youths are anxious to take over government in 2019. Good as this idea is, desire without determination and action is wishful thinking. It will only be a dream unless you work hard to make it a reality.


1.All young aspirants must team up and project one Presidential candidate. APC and PDP have registered many small parties in order to scatter the votes of young aspirants. Others have been registered so that when politicians  do not get the nomination of their present party in the next election, they will quickly decamp and contest in one of the new parties which they have been funding. The fact that we now have around 100 political parties shows that something is very wrong. What for? So, all aspirants must present one candidate.

  1. Youths must massively register to vote and individually begin to campaign for their candidate without expecting, demanding or receiving money. Remember that some desperate and evil politicians are importing voters from Niger Republic and Cameroon to register and vote., especially states close to the borders; but our immigration officers are just there expecting to spend 126m naira for name tag sin the 2019 elections.

For you to understand why you need to register and vote, let us analyse the last three governorship elections of Ekiti, Anambra and Ondo states.

In the 2016 Governorship election of Ondo state, a total of 1,647,973 registered as voters but only 584,997 were accredited for the election. From the difference between registered and accredited voters on election day, it means that around 1.1million people did not turn up to vote. That is a shame. In the 2017 Anambra state governorship election 1,770,127 registered for election but just 465,891 turned up for accreditation. It means that 1.3million voters were absent. That is a shame!

In the Ekiti governorship election of 2018, total registered voters was 909, 585 but only 405,861 turned out to vote. Which means that more than half the number of registered voters did not come out to choose their governor.  If you register but do not vote, you are the same with the person who did not register at all. If youths do not register and vote, and you are busy saying: this is my candidate; that is my candidate…you are only deceiving yourself. You will only end up getting dealers, not leaders and the hunger and unemployment will continue.

  1. There must be a complete agreement that the next Nigerian President must not be produced from PDP or APC. We refuse to go back to our vomit. Our dry bones shall rise again. Check the background of two persons that defected recently. Godswill Akpabio defected from PDP to APC. He was Commissioner for 8 years and Governor for 8 years in Akwa Ibom. He has been in the Senate for 3 years; all under PDP. As Governor, he designed a mind-blowing pension package for ex-governors like himself. As a new member of APC, he has promised to empower the youths, end impunity and other fake promises. Why did he not do all of these when he was in PDP? He might have been planted in APC now as a PDP spy. Meanwhile, Akpabio has an EFCC case hanging round his neck based on huge corruption. The other defector Senate President Bukola Saraki was Governor of Kwara state for 8 years under PDP. He later crossed and was planted in APC where he schemed his way to the Senate Presidency. He condemned the PDP with all sorts of words. Now he has gone back to his PDP and he is saying all negative things about APC. Is it the APC and PDP that Saraki and Akpabio are condeming that we should vote for? The answer is a loud NO!! We refuse to vote the Master- minders of our wasted years. The years of the grasshoppers must end. And the time is now.
  2. Young aspirants must set up different mobilization committees and spokespersons now. The time is short. They should pick their running mates if possible. You must remember the women when picking your running mates. Nigeria is due for a female Vice President if women are ready to support women. Nigerian women always ask for their rights but they hardly support fellow women. They must change that mindset.
  3. Youths must me prepared to resist the temptation of 3, 4 or 5 thousand naira for one day; which is the day of the election. Evil politicians have introduced vote buying into our politics. Majority of persons that received bribe during the last ’ see and buy’ Ekiti election were young persons. You thumbprint your ballot paper on their candidate, they see it and pay you for it while the 30,000 police officers and INEC officials kept quiet because they were also bought. The system is too dirty for comfort. The system made you hungry so that you will believe that 4 or 5 thousand naira is big money.

On election day, without money, all youths must act as agents, as police and as INEC so that you can check and apprehend.

If you see somebody sharing money for votes, physically seize the money from them. These people are principalities and powers. You cannot deal with them using kids’ gloves. They are evil investors and destiny traders. The corruption associated with vote buying make it impossible for INEC to discharge its duties under Section 153 of the 1999 Constitution (as ammended) and paragraph 15(a) of the third schedule of the Constitution, the Electoral Act of 2010 (as ammended) and  the UN Convention against Corruption.

  1. Youths must teach each other how to vote. Our people do not have adequate voters’ education despite the huge amount of money budgeted by INEC. You should also teach the old people how to vote. On your own, print samples of ballot papers and show people how to vote in order to avoid invalid votes. One vote can change an election result.
  2. Youths must help young aspirants to build structures in all wards. None of the young aspirants have the structures of APC and PDP. Many of them do not have the money for that too. However, with or without structures, vote for a new generation of politicians. It is the votes that matters. Youths must be on ground to stop under-aged voters from queuing up, you need to have people on ground to stop suspected non-Nigerians from queuing up to vote. It is your dutyi f you want a new era Nigeria.
  3. As politicians continue to change parties like women changing wrappers, voters especially in Oyo, Delta, Benue, Kano, Kwara and other states must prevent few persons from hijacking political parties and imposing candidates against the will of the people. You must resist that with every strength. Such persons are the evil investors and destiny traders. The people’s will must determine who emerge as winners.


9. Youths must stop decamping with Nigerian politicians. They should carry their loads with their heads. Youths must stop decamping with the political prostitutes of PDP and APC. When they are stealing our money they cooperate with themselves but when they have any problem among themselves, they want our sympathy. That is when they seek sentiments and they tell you that they are defending our democracy. Most leaders in the PDP and APC are people who have various corruption charges against them. Even ex-convicts are political leaders. A thief will run away from APC and cross to PDP or the other way round and you just cross with them. They leave that party to another Bread and Butter party, and immediately, you decamp with them. No!!

6 thoughts on “No Youth can be President of Nigeria in 2019 unless… says Frederick Odorige

  1. Good day Mr Frederick, in your WhatsApp message, you asked people to click and register but the feedback from the people I forwarded the message to is that they have not been successful to do that. ( me included ).Pls what is the problem and solution to them.


    1. HELLO EVERYONE! This is how to vote today 1st November 2018 to get our preferred Nigerian President.
      1. Make sure you have subscribed to our video channel Nelson M46664. Just click on the SUBSCRIBE button under any of the videos.
      2. By 5pm Nigerian time (please calculate according to your place of residence) we shall be LIVE on youtube.
      3. In the COMMENT SECTION simply TYPE and enter the name of your preferred candidate. That is all you need to do! In order to increase the chances of your candidate, use the remaing time to invite others to participate in this election.
      4. We shall have a panel of 4 respected Nigerians known as TIDEO (Truly Independent Diaspora Electoral Officers). They will be supported by two members of the international community as observers. That makes them 6 in number.
      4. At the end of 90 minutes they will go offline to collate the result and filter away those that voted more than once.
      5. TIDEO will come online again and announce the result after 30minutes. The system allow viewers to freely watch and check the voting pattern as much as they want because you can always replay. It is 100% transparent.
      6. The winner will immediately be contacted to send us a short video clip to accept the result. He will be invited to Budapest Hungary on Saturday 24 November to symbolically receive the key to Aso Rock in a widely publicised ceremony.
      7. Friday 2nd November 2018: The Global Coordinator Frederick Odorige will make a speech based on the result of the election. The video clip sent by the winner will be added at the end of Frederick’s speech.
      8. Thereafter, all avenues will be exploited to FULLY support our candidate towards resuming duty as the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, GCFR. A new Nigeria is coming! Have confidence in the victory that is ahead.
      **With God all things are possible!!


  2. I have subscribe but can’t find the comment section what was the problem? Hope hackers did not intercepted the video?


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