Politicians, Elections & Religion are killing Nigeria

November 1st , right in our youtube channel (Nelson M46664), we shall pick the Presidential candidate that we will support in the election of 2019. In order for you to participate in the internal election, simply click on the subscribe button under this video. On that day, we will list the names of all Presidential aspirant. As a subscriber to this channel, all you need to do is to click on the name of your preferred candidate. We have 10 criterias which will assist you in voting for such a person:

  1. Have no godfather or investor behind him or her
  2. Must tell us his/her source of income and prepare to declare his/her assets.
  3. Must promise that he/she will re-structure Nigeria
  4. Must promise to fight corruption from the Babaginda years till date. This will include a continuous publication of recovered loot, the looter and how the recovered loot is re-channelled into the economy.
  5. Give Nigerians stable supply of electricity within 3 years.
  6. Must promise to review the salaries and emolument of federal legislators and executives in accordance with the law of Nigeria
  7. Must not have held more than one political office. We must do away with re-cycled office holders.
  8. Must promise to ban health tourism abroad
  9. Must promise to ban education abroad for the children of serving public office holders.
  10. Declare any armed group as a terrorist group and unban IPOB as a terrorist group. IPOB is not a terrorist group but we do not support that Nigeria should break. It is the bad rulers that we must break. Nigeria is like a sour soup that must be repaired…. Click ‘subscribe’ under the video below now.



2 thoughts on “Politicians, Elections & Religion are killing Nigeria

  1. Thank you so much for speaking out the truth concerning the poor state of our great Nigeria. My husband and I have been following you on YouTube. Fortunately, my husband is part of you in Canada. I always feel concern if the people in Nigeria watch your program. God will help the Nigerian youths to support their fellow youths. Their MUMU don do. God bless you and protect you.


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