Nigerians to protest simultaneously at the UN in New York, UN in Geneva & EU headquarter in Brussel, Belgium come 1st October 2018

  1. The protest is to bring awareness to the international community on the genocide going on in Nigeria before it turns to what happened in Rwanda 1994. Nigeria desperately needs help.
  2. Protest the unimaginable salaries of Nigerian Federal Legislators which are higher than that of American President. Since the Federal government has refused to do something about this, we must show the world why we are continually poor despite several aids from all over the world.
  3. To discourage the International community from giving Nigeria more loans as the country runs deep into indebtedness despite our huge human and natural resources. Nigeria’s debt were written off previously by the Paris Club but Nigeria is now worse off in terms of debt.
  4. To support Nigeria in fighting corruption by placing travel bans on all Nigerian legislators and other politicians who surreptitiously allocate salaries and emoluments to themselves outside the laid down laws of Nigeria as contained in the act of the Revenue MobilisationAllocation and. Fiscal Commission.


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