Do not vote for Nigerian Senators in 2019 elections.


.  It was not an allegation when former INEC boss Attahiru Jega referred to the Legislators as notorious bribe takers. It was a statement of fact. Everybody knows that. Remember. we must not vote for the positions of Senators in the 2019 election. On the day of election for Senators, just collect the ballot paper and write NO!! on it. If you have no pen, just thumbprint on it in many places and drop it into the ballot box so that it will be declared invalid. There will be no valid result if all ballot papers are invalid. Revolution without ammunitions! If you are living abroad, please start informing your friends and families back home not to vote for the gang of Senators that have twisted our national law to selfishly benefit their bank accounts. We must match words with actions. So, if you are a sitting Senator, sitting governor, past governor, recycled office holder, sponsor of thuggery, ritualist, kidnapper or drug pusher, campaigning to be a Senator in 2019, you better queue up and join the many unemployed Nigerians in searching for a job now.

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