Frederick Odorige addresses President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

What is happening in Nigeria today is less than barbaric and absolutely unacceptable in every standard.

Think about this Mr President: When there were terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and the UK and other countries, you sent your condolences. Since the recent re-occurring massacres in Nigeria, how many Presidents or Prime Ministers of other countries have sent you condolence messages? The answer is NONE. Why? because they have realized that killing has become part of our normal life style

In April 2011 YOU SHED TEARS AT NIGERIA WHEN YOU DESIRED TO BE PRESIDENT. You wept about the insecurity, corruption and poor welfare of Nigerians. Those tears looked convincing then. Your failed attempts, persistence and your eventual winning of the Presidency in your fourth attempt showed your desire to Change Nigeria. Your coup which brought you into office in 1983 also promised a better Nigeria before your government was toppled.

At a media address of June 2012, you  explained the reasons why you shed  tears in 2011 thus: “(I wept) having seen how rich this country is and how God really blessed Nigeria, the whole world is almost envious of Nigeria….” Yes; but today, families are in tears, mourning, with you in government. Mr President, you are in office, but you do not seem to be in power!

Mr President, I am a card-carrying member of the PDP. Today, I do not belong to any political party. Like many Nigerians, I conscientously campaigned for you during your 2015 election with the hope that you will bring the needed CHANGE to our country. My facebook page YOMA ODORIGE speaks for itself. Your antecedents and desperate wish for positive change drove that conviction.

I put Nigeria above all political, ethnic and religious considerations. Today,  I must admit that I am confused and dismayed at what is now happening in our country Nigeria. The scary security situation and hunger in Nigeria today is inexplicable.

Mr President, I have refused to judge your performance till now but some shocking situation in Nigeria today under your purview calls for grave concern.

I wish to base my statements here on the provisions of Chapter 2 section 14, sub-section 2b of the Nigerian constitution which reads „ the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government „

I also believe that it is your awareness of this aspect of our Constitution that made you to shed tears on National TV.

That we have reached a point under your administration where Fulani terrorists kindly referred to as FULANI HERDSMEN, now slaughter Nigerians like cows, rape women, burn farmlands, kidnap and rob commuters on our highway with little or no government concern is a sad misnomer, very difficult to imagine. Your slow response to critical yearning of our people makes the situation even more troublesome. How did Nigeria slide into this mud? You heard of a Nigerian that slaughtered an Italian girl in Italy. How? He simply imbibed the Nigerian Fulani herdsmen mentality where some people just believe that they could rape women and kill people in their farms or country.

Mr President only the introduction of a State Police can address the security issues in Nigeria at this point. Governors do not need to cry to Abuja before security agencies are swiftly and effectively deployed to crises zones. States do not need to bury their dead weeks and months before the army introduces OPERATION CAT OR RAT RACE.

Your recent endoresment for a second term by the APC Governors and your aides at a period when the blood that soaked the earth of Benue state and other places is still fresh, shows how insensitive and self-seeking their actions are. If they kill everybody in Nigeria, who will you rule? Remember that as Nigerians are killing Nigerians in Nigeria, it is the same way Nigerians are being killed in South Africa, India, Libya and other places. They sell your citizens as slaves in Libya while organ hunters kill and trade in their body parts, all because of  their desperate attempts to escape from Nigeria. Others have drowned in the meditereanean sea in search of greener pastures. You are the Grand Commander of the Armed forces with power over land, sea and air within the territorial space of Nigeria. When the leadership of our country appear to be silent about the slaughtering of Nigerians, on what ground can our lives be secured in foreign countries?

Human head in Nigeria is selling far lower than cow heads in the den of ritualists. Mr President, did you shed tears in vain? Nigerians have reminded you that the way you visited your son in hospital should be the same way you ought to have visited the states of slaughtered Nigerians. Remember how Nigerians trooped to visit you in London when you were ill. God has been fighting for Nigeria as a country. Remember how God plucked Abacha away when he became a demi-god. When rumour of your presumed death in London almost appeared true, have you not realized that God preserved you for a second chance? You called the bereaved people of Benue state to visit you in Abuja just the way you once called the Governor of Abia state to visit also, after the Abia massacre.

You Benue people, that travelled to Abuja to be consoled, you are a strange set of people. Were you among those that were truly bereaved, or you just went to Abuja to collect envelopes? You might have probably gone to Abuja to console Mr President because your people were slaughtered!

The Prime Minister of UK where you were hospitalized will put off all engagements in order to visit the scenes of such incidents or address the nation immediately. You never did. You even visited neighbouring Nasarawa State but could not visit Benue state where the Governor is in the same political party with you. It is a sad irony that even Governors of other political parties visited the people of Benue state to commiserate with them and supported them in several ways.

When a Police Officer recently pushed a man to his death in Benin City, the Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki personally visited the family of the deseased. He is an APC Governor. That is what I call leadership. How can we attract investors in an environment with security challenges?

When Fulani herdsmen killed people from my home town Abraka, the Legislator representing our Local Government Area personally went to the Presidency to lodge complain. The Vice President of Nigeria sent a delegation to assess the situation. Did anything come out of it? Why do we need to set up committees to address or investigate cases of various brutal murder when we have security forces that could swiftly move into action? We must be pro-active. Have you heard of the US, UK or France setting up committees to have meetings over terrorist actions? The criminals strike today and within 24 hours their identities are revealed, their hide out busted, and they are arrested. YOU CANNOT FIGHT SECURITY WITHOUT CAPTURING THE BIOMETRIC DATA OF NIGERIANS ON THEIR NATIONAL IDENTITY CARDS OR INSTALLING SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS IN PUBLIC PLACES. IT SHOULD BE COMPULSORY THAT ALL PRIVATE BUSINESSES OF ASCERTAINED MAGNITUDE OF PUBLIC PATRONAGE, SHOULD INSTALL SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS WITHIN THEIR BUSINESS PREMISES IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY ELECTRICITY 24/7. THAT IS HOW TO FIGHT INSECURITY.

Sadly, the victims of herdsmen attacks do not receive any form of compensation from government as succour to cushion the loss.

It is ridiculous that Nigerians are now resorting to prayers because of the so-called herdsmen. This is not a time for prayers; it is a time for you Mr President to do your job as the person who shed tears at the way the country was being operated before you came into power. This is not a problem that needs God’s attention.

6 thoughts on “Frederick Odorige addresses President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

  1. Good day Mr Frederick Odorige.
    I fully support the revolution. I am a medical doctor in Nigeria, I obtained my medical degree in Hungary in the university of Debrecen. Since my return back to Nigeria I have been ashamed and hurt by the things in Nigeria. With all due respect to Hungary, you would agree with me that we have more resources than them, But you can not compare both counties in terms of development.
    I want to do my part, and I can Assit ECSDN From Nigeria. Contact me via email so I can know how my services can aid the movement in Nigeria.


  2. Hello Frederick,

    I want to be part of this revolution, for the sake of my kids and unborn generations…. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!

    Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration.


  3. Dear Brother, Frederick Odoridge, ECSDN, I thank God for giving you the strength, knowledge, stamina, and love, to come out for the liberation of our looted country by the political thieves. Please, contact me immediately. I want to be one of codinators here in USA. My email is Phone # 5037246114. Honestly, I want to join this revolution. God bless and protect you.


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