European Coalition for Security and Democracy berth in Hungary

The European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria has been launched in Hungary with Frederick Odorige as the Chief Coordinator.

National coordinators across Europe are currently being recruited for the coalition. The purpose is to wrestle power from inept Nigerian leaders and to address  issues that will lead to a peaceful democratic revolution of the Nigerian people and to address security issues like the murderous activities of Fulani herdsmen that have killed about 2000 Nigerians since 2015 with little concern from the government.

The project will include the release of videos on the 15th of every month till the Nigerian Presidential election of 2019. Such videos will address delicate national issues directed to individuals and institutions.

The coalition will operate under the Nelson M46664 Human Rights association, Hungary.

Interested Nigerians should contact the Coalition by e-mail:


16 thoughts on “European Coalition for Security and Democracy berth in Hungary

  1. I have been looking forward to a group like this , I am proud of what you are doing and I hope to join asap.
    Enough is enough


  2. Our country need a strong association like this to stop these evil so called politician. When I looked into Nigeria map, and checked the history when fulanis came to settle in the 15th-17th centuries at places like Sokoto, Zaria area, I was weeping. The Fulani had forcefully taken territories of the Gobir Hausa and killed them, wiped out their cultures and imposed Islamist beliefs on them. Their agenda was to carry on through cattle colonies to envade the Southern region as they did to the Northern region. This must be stopped through Restructuring revolution. Come to think of it, all ammunition has been located to the North to prepare for attack when the time come to strike. In every state, fulanis are the major Okada riders; this is part of their plans. I will be pleased to join this group to take Nigeria back and restructure the regions. Tactically and strategical engagement is highly necessary. Please send the video like for November 1st voting. We must stop them. Regards


  3. Nigeria needs this type of revolution at a time like this. I hope Nigerians at home and in diaspora will key into this great opportunity to make our country great again. Thank you Mr. Frederick Odorige for this innovation!

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  4. Nigeria today is experiencing a huge infrastructural deficit ,the level of political instability, insecurity, policy inconsistencies, confusion, mediocrity and corruption in Nigeria today occasioned by the fraud engendering government is very overwhelming. Revolution in this country is time, alot our youths are into all sorts of crime and a greater number of them on the other side of the divide are leaving the country in hundreds. It griefs my heart to see our dear country go down the drain. The time to act is now. Evil thrives when good men do nothing. How can we rebuild our country, AM IN. Nzeh Emeka Charles
    Writes from Imo state Nigeria

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    1. Hello, As for the election, you just go to the link of the video and click on the SUBSCRIBE button. That registers you for the election of Thursday November 1st. On that day by 5pm Nigerian time, our youtube channel will open for the election. Then you just go to the comment section and type the name of your preferred candidate. The election will last for exactly 90 minutes. After that the result will be announced. The youtube link is :

      ECSDN Team


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