Pidgin English version: BUHARI MUST GO!! Nigerians say 1st May 2019 na for REVOLUTION WITHOUT AMMUNITION.

We don too suffer for Nigeria despite our natural resources!

E don tey rulers dey take us sweep ground for Nigeria. Our long silence don make am be like say we escort dem come Nigeria. Dem go kill us during elections, enter power, loot us reach the level wey dem wan borrow to pay for national budget now! The hardship wey dey Nigeria today never be like dis before. The killing wey dey Nigeria today don show say cow get value pass human beings. Herdsmen and boko haram dey compete for who sabi kill us pass. From 1st May we all go enter street for protest. No more work….. Everybody come out….no dulling! BUHARI WAKA!!

Buhari Must Go Now!! Nigerian Diaspora GCSDN Declare 1st May 2019 for Revolution Without Ammunition

Nigeria’s national motto is Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress. Today, we can all testify that there is no unity, no faith in country, no peace and sadly, no progress.

Section 14 subsection 2b of the Nigerian Constitution (As amended) states that the welfare and security of the citizens shall be the primary purpose of the government.

Any government that fails in providing either security or welfare, has failed completely. Today our government, past and present have failed to provide the two basic objectives of welfare and security to Nigerians. It is no longer news that our country Nigeria has never been this bad. Whoever denies this is either the cause of the problem or the problems itself. Whoever denies this is either profiting from government or aspiring to get appointed into office.

60b usd is missing from NNPC. 8.8 trillion will be borrowed to fund 2019 budget. The missing 60b usd could fund our budget for 3 years without borrowing. We are already owing 22.4 trillion naira to be paid by our children. 13.2 m of such children are on the street used every four years as under-aged voters or suicide bombers.

President Buhari claimed that 400bn naira is lost annually for health tourism but he arrogantly refused to declare what he spent for 117 days in the UK hospital.

Herdsmen terrorists and Boko haram have taken over Nigeria. Buhari never comments or show concern when Nigerians are killed. Instead they are hurriedly buried in mass graves order not to show the number of those killed. This is obviously the worst period in the history of Nigeria as it steadily slides into a Venezuela.

Nigerians must take action. We must cancel Workers’ Day of 1st May. Our non violent revolution must start from that day.

What do we do? Fellow Nigerians, understand that we are not affiliated to any political party. Our country Nigeria comes first. Whether you are from the North, South, East, West, IPOB, Oduduwa, Middle beltan, Arewa, Niger Delta,  Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, pagan, traditionalist, Musicians, Nollywood, Nigerian Labour Congress, Nigeria Bar Association, Trade Union Council, National Association of Nigerian Students, Market men and women, artisans, social , professional or cultural group, the time has come for us to be unified with one voice on a common platform with unquenchable enthusiasm grab this God-given opportunity  to protest, by way of a non violent revolution against Nigerian politicians that have stolen our resources and held our country hostage against the collective aspiration of the majority and the dream of our founding fathers.

We MUST STOP ALL WORK. Close all shops, workshops, offices, banks, transport etc. We must say NO!!

We demand:

  1. That Retired General Muhammadu Buhari must resign from office as the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria.
  2. That Retired General Muhammadu Buhari must not be sworn in and recognized as the President of Nigeria. He cannot militarize our elections, kill our compatriots and expect to ride to power with the blood of Nigerians for us to call him Excellency. NO!!.
  3. Senators and members of the House of Representatives must receive salaries according to the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria. Those that received wages against the law under the Revenue, Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission must refund them back to our national treasury. They kill us during elections because their hearts are set on the loot. From today, anywhere you see such politicians, shout NO; don’t stop shouting NO!!
  4. We the people say NO! to borrowing for the financing of our budget since the rulers also steal what they borrow.
  5. The full list of Nigerians killed before, during and after the 2019 elections must be published . They are us.
  6. Restructure Nigeria now and apply the recommendations of the 2014 national conference.
  7. Government must respect for the rule of law by releasing Nigerians in detention as ordered by our court. Persons such as Sambo Dasuki, El- Zakzaky and others. Those found guilty by the court should be made to face the law.
  8. Unban IPOB as a terrorist group.
  9. Declare the murderous herdsmen as a terrorist group. This pretence is chocking us.
  10. End all forms of pension for ex-governors and their deputies. They came to serve and not to be state liabilities for life.
  11. Muhammadu Buhari must publish what he spent from public treasury for 117 days for medical care in the United Kingdom. It is public money.
  12. Government must immediately put an end to pension for ex-governors and their deputies. They cannot be state liabilities for life after looting their respective states. They should return to their professions. Finally,
  13. Government must immediately put an end to  security votes to state governors and other government officials. Security votes is not in the Nigerian constitution. Governors steal this money, protect themselves and their families and expose the rest of us to the killing by herdsmen and Boko haram. Use security votes to expand and empower our security agencies.

Something REVOLUTIONARY is coming to Nigeria

Something  very strange is about to happen in Nigeria and Nigerians must allow it to happen because it is legal and it will be non violent. There comes a time in the history of a people when they must all arise and declare a state of emergency for the well being of their country. We must refuse to continually  allow ourselves to be the sheep that is continually led to the slaughter.

The time has come for us to save our necks. Nigeria is surviving on a life support machine and in our very before, our national oxygen is drying up fast and we are collectively being led into a Venezuela.  There is no better time for us to shout than now.  We must force it to happen now or forever remain a mockery of the world with all our huge natural resources and endowment.

Therefore, whether you are IPOB, Arewa, Oduduwa, Niger Deltan, Middle Beltan, North, South, East or West, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, Pagan, atheist or traditionalist, we must rise up together and finally choose a day to be free as a people with a common wealth. Politicians have put a sharp knife on the things that hold us together. We must break their knife and their yoke. Our strength lies in those things that divide us. We are too rich to be this poor. We are too blessed to be cursed with portor-portor governance. We must rise up, stand on a common platform, speak with one voice, act in one direction and collectively say NO to the forces of darkness that have held us down. It will be our collective shame if we bequeath today’s sorry Nigeria to our children and unborn generation. For how long must less than 10 thousand oppress 200 million of us? Think! Is today’s Nigeria the dream of our heroes past?

Nigerian Diaspora GCSDN congratulate indigenes of Oyo state. Makinde must probe Ajimobi

Seyi Makinde, if you do not probe Ajimobi, posterity will not forget. We are talking about the wealth of a people. He is leaving with a huge debt of about N200billion for the future generations to pay. How can meaningful development be achieved? We are where we are today as Nigerians because we kept quiet to the oppressors too long. These are the ones we call excellencies. Common thieves not better than Evans the kidnapper. Sponsors of thugs and ritualists. Ajimobi even wanted to be a Senator, to make laws for me and for you! We don over suffer for dat country sha. Hmmnnn. This is the same Oyo state whose history we read under the great Oyo Empire that produced men and women who stood tall at all times and seasons. Oh! we miss our heroes!

Any state governor that stays in office for eight years and could not turn his state to be like at least the poorest state in Europe, should be immediately transferred to a psychiatric hospital at the end of his tenure. Everything is working well in the poorest European country. That is what I mean. To remember that Ajimobi closed higher institutions for several months and reduced higher institution to nothing. Sadly, the same youths allowed themselves to be used as thugs…